The Best Places to get Christmas Decorations in Sunderland

Christmas is without a doubt, the best time of the year. One of my favourite traditions is going to my parents house and putting their tree up. I honestly cant remember a year when we didn’t help with their tree, even though I haven’t lived there for 5 years! This year, of course we wont be able to do this and its just another tradition that we wont be able to full fill. However, our house will still be lit up like Santa’s grotto, and my parents will love it when I show them it on facetime!

After the year we’ve had I feel people are either going ALL OUT or not feeling festive at all this Christmas. So, I’m hoping to spread a little festive cheer for those who aren’t feeling it, and for people going all out I hope to add to your festive spirits!

Of course, there are the usual suspects that always have amazing decorations, many of these were recommended by my Instagram followers;

  • B and M
  • Home Bargains
  • Sainsburys
  • The Range
  • Next Home
  • Wilkinsons
  • Dunelm
  • Matalan

I know some of these are closed currently, but they all have pretty good websites where you can order from. I also know places such as Debenhams, Zara home, H&M home, The White Company and New Look always have amazing bits which will be online. There are of course always little bits in supermarkets, and I think this year especially they have upped their game because much of the high-street is closed.

If you are new here then you will know that I am trying my best to use the little influence I have to support local businesses. Right now, nothing is certain and we need to do everything we can to help these smaller businesses. So here are the few that I could find (That are currently open) that are still selling amazing Christmas decorations!

Clays Garden Centre
This place is actually the inspiration for this post and was recommended more times than anywhere else! Visiting Clays at Christmas has become a bit of a tradition in my family and we go every year. They always decorate half of the store in the most festive way and it’s just not Christmas if we don’t visit. I do have a dedicated reel going up on my Instagram very soon which will get you in the festive mood, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Open Monday – Saturday 9am-5:15pm
Sunday 10:30am-4:15pm
Postcode: NE37 2PA

Richardson’s Garden Centre
Not only do thy have a pretty good selection of Christmas decorations, but they have real reindeer on site! We visited today and the decorations were really pretty.

Open Monday – Saturday 9am-5pm
Sunday 10:30am – 4:30pm
Postcode: SR7 8RW
Follow their Facebook for updates

Left to right
Cupid, Blitzen and Vixen

Under the Ivy Florists
She has the most amazing Christmas wreaths and flower arrangements available this year. I can’t wait to see what else she puts out for this year because her last year stocks looked incredible! The business is ran from a home workshop so you can contact her via her social medias to place orders and arrange collection/deliveries;


The National Glass Centre
The baubles they have on their website are *expensive* but, they do look so pretty and will last a really long time. If you wanted to get a special one or two, this is somewhere you could do that! They would even make really good gifts for someone special. Have a look at their website HERE!

Philomena’s Boutique
Someone recommended this one to me, as I hadn’t heard of them before. However, after looking on their website and Instagram, I am just in love with everything! There are so many adorable Christmas decorations to choose from, I could go a little crazy on their website!

If you do want to support more small businesses, then you wont find better options then on Etsy. I’ve bought so many things from various sellers over the years, and everything is always perfect. Plus, you know that you are helping someone feed their families and pay their bills rather than just put money into a big organisation. I also love knowing that if ever anything was wrong, you’d have some protection from Etsy itself for anyone who is nervous about online shopping.

For the Love of the North
For the love of the north have some really cute northern/Newcastle focused decorations which are so adorable. They also have some really good gifts too if you want to start your Christmas shopping a little early.

If you know anywhere else local that are selling christmas decorations, or handmade bits please let me know either in the comments here, or on my socials!

Stay Safe and Merry Christmas
(is it too early to say that?)

Instagram: Mackemlife_
Facebook: MackemLife

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