Christmas Market Memories

Christmas markets are one of the highlights of the festive season. Usually Shaun and myself try and go away somewhere purely for their Christmas markets. And since this year they’ve almost all been cancelled in the UK and international travel is almost impossible, I thought I would share some of my favourites from years past.

For me, Christmas markets evolve around 3 things; Food, drink and decorations. I absolutely love going to them hungry and eating all the naughty foods, getting tippled on mulled wine and being dazzled by the lights. For this post I have decided to focus on my 3 favourite markets;

Vienna, Austria

Without a doubt the biggest Christmas market we have ever visited was in Vienna which we visited as part of our backpacking trip last November (which you can read about here!). In the Austrian capital there were several different markets across the city, and with every street being lit up with decorations the whole city felt like it was part of the market. However, the one we visited at Rathaustpark was just insane.

The entrance to the market

It had absolutely everything a christmas market should have, from sweet stalls to decorations the whole place was just so festive!

The best part was the little Austrian pancakes smothered in melted Nutella. The perfect ‘stick to your ribs’ treat to keep you warm in the cold!

I can still remember how light and fluffy they tasted!

Wroclaw, Poland

The most beautifully decorated Christmas market we have ever visited was without a doubt the one in the centre of Wroclaw. We visited exactly 2 years ago, to the date. It was actually the memories of this trip on my Facebook notifications that spurred this post.

Just one of the streets off the main square

The weather was absolutely freezing cold, and it was here where I found my love of mulled wine. Mainly because it was the only warmth you could cling onto!! The wine came in these adorable boot mugs which I stole. We still have it to this day!

Mulled wine in a boot please!

I cant imagine visiting Wroclaw in the summer because the Christmas market filled so much of our time as there was so much to do within it!

This sits on top of the bar!

Our evenings evolved around dinning in one of the restaurants on the square, then going into the market for mulled wine and of course, dessert.

A Ferrero Rocher bubble waffle!

Edinburgh, Scotland

I’d call Edinburgh’s Christmas market my old faithful. I’ve been a few different times, and each time its always amazing. Edinburgh itself is such a beautiful city, and the people are lovely. But there just something about it at Christmas that makes it that extra special!.

Edinburgh’s Christmas Market

There is something of nostalgia about Edinburgh as it was the first place me and Shaun ever went away together, just the two of us. We were so young and innocent back then! Every time I have been since then, it just makes me feel like I’m 18 again and still have so much to learn.

The market really brings the city to life, and I really cannot wait to go back next year, when everything is safer!

There are so many more markets I could talk about but I really wanted to focus on my top 3 favourites. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it!

Let me know what the situation is with Christmas markets in your country/city are right now.

Stay Safe, and Merry Christmas

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