Small Business Valentines Day Gift Guide

It is now less than a month until Valentine’s day, and while we cannot celebrate like normal (I feel I have said this so many times!), we still can try and make the most of it. Usually, Shaun and I would perhaps go for a meal or stay home and cook a slightly more special tea. And there is nothing I would love more than to go out for a meal right now!

This year, since the special day falls on a Sunday, I think your plan is to order a Sunday Lunch and go for a long walk. I have just done a blog post all about places doing Sunday lunches which you can view HERE. Or you could always plan a really lovely date night for the two of you!

See also 20 Stay at Home Date Night Ideas

I wanted to use this blog to shout out some of my favourite Northeast and Small businesses that I have tried or admired for a while. So here is my Valentines day gift guide with 40 businesses featured, and I hope you find something here for your SO.

Order a nice meal

I feel like this is an easy one for this year! So many of us cannot go out for the meal we would like too, so order one in! I have two more blog posts about takeout restaurants and cafes in Sunderland and Seaham.


An oldie but a goldie!

Or for those who aren’t big into flowers, there are always plants!


  • Local craft beers, ales, ciders and spirits from Northumbrian Gifts
My wall of prints and calendar from various companies

Home Decor

  • Eco friendly home decor from Terra Home



My sweatshirt from NovaCo
My backpack from City by the Sea


  • Earrings from Eclectic Charm – Valentines day collection dropping soon!
    Instagram | Website
My growing jewelry collection from Eclectic Charm


Scrunchies I bought back in spring 2020
  • Phone cases, accessories, home decor and jewelry from Tuppence Store
My phone case from Tuppence Store

I hope you have managed to find something for your Significant other on this list. I do feel it may be orientated towards women slightly. But with men, chocolate and booze will always go down a treat!

Thank you for reading this post, and for supporting these amazing local businesses!

Stay Safe and Happy Valentines Day

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