Pancake Day 2021 in Sunderland

Pancake day is without a doubt the best holiday other than Christmas and Halloween! Any excuse to eat an unlimited amount of pancakes is up there for me!

However, despite how much I love pancakes, I am not the best at making them. Although I think Shaun would disagree, purely because he loves it when I make them! If you are wanting to make them at home, this is the recipe I generally follow HERE, yet I rarely leave the batter in the fridge for 30 minutes as it suggests!

Pancakes from Amsterdam 2020

It is crazy that last year we spent pancake day in Amsterdam, our last international holiday before the world got locked down. Yet this year I am writing about the places in Sunderland, that are only offering takeout because we are in our third national lockdown.. But hey ho!

Here are a list of places that are offering a fantastic selection of pancakes for those who, like me, cant’ cook pancakes for shit!

Coffee YOLO at the STACK Seaburn

YOLO coffee are serving American style pancakes. Those Nutella and Strawberry ones sound absolutely amazing! You can pre-order now, or order on the day through the W8R app HERE. Please do take into consideration that they are expecting it to be busier than usual so I would recommend pre-ordering so you aren’t disappointed.

Open: 10am-5pm


Love Lily Tearoom, Roker

Love Lily are very well known for their pancakes and have given their everything to pancake day 2021 with 10 special menu items! They are only taking orders via phone, no walk ins. Call to order: 01915656329.

Open 9am-9pm

Port of Call Sunderland

Port of Call Sunderland are offering pancakes too. Message their Facebook page for their menu and to place orders HERE.

Open 2pm-9pm

808 Bar and Kitchen

808 Bar and Kitchen have put together a great menu this year. That Terrys Chocolate Orange one is calling my name! Order via their Facebook page here. I’d recommend pre-ordering too because they only have limited spots!

Open 11am-9pm

Cream Curls Sunderland

Cream Curls serve pancakes all year round, not just for pancake day. They have a really good selection:

  • The Ultimate Chocolate Fantasy
  • A Taste of Banofi
  • Dairy Milk Tower
  • Berrylicious Pancake Stack
  • Peanut Butter Bomb

They are availible on JustEat, or you can order by phoning them on 0191 542 0210

Open 12pm-10pm

Pancakes from Cream Curls Sunderland

Deli 81 Seaham

They are putting together some DIY pancake kits which look like a load of fun! You’ll have to be quick though if you want one as they don’t have many left. Call 07469203220 to order or message their Facebook Page.

Delivering today!

Pancake Kit from Deli 81

Thank you for reading this post, I hope you have found somewhere to go or, have some inspiration for your own pancake toppers! Let me know if there is anywhere you think I need to add onto this list.

Stay Safe and Happy Pancake Day!

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