Best Spots in Northern England for a Summer 2021 Staycation

Summer 2021 will absolutely be the year of Staycations! For me, I have already started thinking about it although I havent booked anything yet. I know a lot of people are so thought I would throw together this post to get myself in the mood for holiday planning and to inspire anyone looking for some ideas! So here are my best spots for a Summer 2021 Staycation in the North!

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Disclaimer: This blog post, although written during a national lockdown, is not to be taken as enrouragement to go and visit any of these place until it is LEGAL and safe to do so. This post is pruly to plan for the months ahead when travel is allowed.

Catbells, Derwent Water
  1. The Lake District

Absolutely cannot be beaten. The Lake District is probably my most favourite place in the world. I have been going every year since I was 3 when my dad tricked me and my sister into climbing Skiddaw with the promise that there was a Mcdonalds at the top. I love it there and cannot wait to get back and climb a mountain! My favourite place to stay is in and around Keswick on Derwent Water, however there are SOOOOOO MANY beautiful and ideal places in the national park!

Whitby Harbour

2. Whitby

Although it has been years since I stayed in Whitby, it is high on my list of places i’d love to stay over. Not only is Whitby itself an amazing place to visit and explore, it is also incredibly close to a whole load of incredible spots making it a perfect base in Yorkshire. It is not very far from Robin Hoods Bay, The North Yorkshire Moors, Helmsley and Scarbourough. If you so wished, you could make it a part of an incredible adventure!

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Hexham Abbey

3. Hexham

Much like Whitby, Hexham is really a gateway to exploring Northumberland. It is right next to Hadrians Wall, Northumberland National Park, and Kielder Forest, all of which are amazing places to visit. Alternativly, you could always stay in or around Corbridge which isn’t very far from Hexham and is a similar distance to all the places listed.

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Beadnell Bay

4. Northumberland Coast

Northumberland is incredibly fortunate to have so many amazing hidden beaches, castles, seaside towns and villages along this beautiful stretch of coastline. Furthemore, there are a whole load of options on where to stay! Options include Alnwick, Wooler, Amble, Morpeth, Bamburgh, Seahouses, Beadnell or even Haggerston! But the coastline is a truly amazing place to explore and an absolute must for Summer 2021!

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York Minster

5. York

Although I am one of those people who will still be very cautious this year, and avoiding big cities untill I am 100% convinced it is safe, York is a personal favourite and I would love to visit again this year. Its one of those places that has a great nightlife, enough to do during the day in terms of shopping and culture, and is on the edge of many natural sites perfect for exploring!

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Well I hope you have enjoyed this post and are thinking about all the possibilities for summer 2021. I do truly believe we are on the other side of this nightmare and are finally moving onto a better time of our lives. Who has planned a staycation already and if so, where are you heading? I’d love to know!

Stay Safe and Happy Adventuring!

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  1. I love that your dad tricked you into thinking there was a McDonald’s at the top of a mountain! Such a dad thing to do. Anyway, this list sounds amazing-I’m in the US, so this wouldn’t be a staycation for me, sadly, but hopefully when travel restrictions are gone I can visit some of them!


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