Zoos, Farms and Theme Parks within 2 Hours Drive from Sunderland

Zoos, Farms and Theme Parks are set to be opening as part the the second part of the Governments Roadmap. I didn’t realise how much I had missed days out like this, and I bet i’m not the only one. So here is a list of a load of such places which should all be opening in line with government guidance.

It really isn’t long untill the first phase of the lockdown lifts and we get some freedom back. And I for one cannot wait for days out with my family. Just being able to go for a hike that is not in my local area will be so refreshing!

If you want to check the government roadmap, you can do so here.

If your are feeling confused about it all, and how it will effect you, then read this post of mine titled ‘What will change from April 12th in Sunderland’.

Use this post as a guide for future days out when it is legally allowed to. I am not condoning days out right now. If you enjoy my blog posts, then feel free to drop your email below to be notified of every new post I put out.

  • Lightwater Valley (1 hours 20 mins)
    Postcode: HG4 1DG
    Due to reopen on the 17th April, have a look at their website if you are wanting to visit. You can book tickets over their website.
  • Flamingo Land (1 hour 45 mins)
    Postcode: YO17 6UX
    They haven’t yet confirmed when they will be reopening. However, keep checking their website to stay up to date when that changes!
  • Diggerland Durham (35 mins)
    Postcode: DH7 9TT
    Due to open from the 12th April, Diggerland looks like a really fun day out. I have never been but honestly it looks so good! If you book now on their website you get a two year ticket!
  • Go Ape Maften Hall (45 mins)
    Postcode: NE20 0RH
    I didn’t realise they could reopen at the earlier date of the 29th so all the site will be open from then. You can book tickets on their website, and also have a look at other places you can swing from trees! I haven’t done this exact one, but done a few others and they are so much fun!
Go Ape, Whinlatter, Lake District
Summer 2018
  • Ocean Beach Pleasure Park (25 mins)
    Postcode: NE33 2LD
    Although they haven’t confirmed on their website when they will be reopening, this tied in with a nice picnic on the beach at South Shields or a cheeky bag of chips could make for a really nice day out! Keep an eye on their website for updates!
  • Kirkly Hall Zoological Gardens (45 mins)
    Postcode: NE20 0AQ
    I struggled to find some information in regards to their reopening. However keep checking their website for information.
  • Northumberland Zoo (1 hour)
    Postcode: NE65 9QH
    They will be open from the 12th April. We visited last year and the covid safty they had in place was fantastic. It was a really nice zoo and made for a good day out! You can buy tickets on their website and book your timeslot now.
Northumberland Zoo
Summer 2020
  • Adventure Valley (30 mins)
    Postcode: DH1 5SG
    Their mini golf will open from the 29th March and the rest of the park from the 12th April. More information and ticket booking can all be found on their website.
  • Down at the Farm (15 mins)
    Postcode: DH5 8JG
    Due to reopen on the 17th, Down at the Farm is a really cute place for a day out! I can’t wait to visit again in the spring when all the little lambs are out. Keep an eye on their website for booking details closer to the time.
Down at the Farm
Spring 2018
  • Washington Wetlands Centre WWT (10 mins)
    Postcode: NE38 8LE
    It technically has animals so I thought I’d include on this list. It’s been years since I was here. Really looking forward to being able to visit later in the year. You will need to book tickets to visit if you aren’t a member and this can be done on their website.
  • Whitehouse Farm (45 minutes)
    Postcode: NE61 6AW
    Hopeful to open from the 12th April, Whitehouse Farm is a really nice place to visit. Keep an eye on their socials and website for more information about booking and visiting.
  • Falconry Days Hexham (1 hour 5 mins)
    Postcode: NE48 3EE
    You can book an experience day from the 12th April to see these birds of prey up close on their website now. I bet that is such an incredible thing to do!

Thank you for reading this post and I hope you have gains some ideas for places to go in the future! As always it would be very appreciated if you could drop your email address in the box below and joing my mailing list.

Stay Safe, Happy Adventure Planning

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