25 Free* days out within 1 hours drive of Sunderland

As I have said many times on MackemLife.com, the North East is full of incredible places to visit. And its even better when you can have days out in which are either cheap or even better free! And a double bonus when they aren’t very far away from home!

Its currently that time in the month when we are waiting for the next payday to come and trying to work out how we can enjoy the growing sunshine without spending our last few coins. In this post I have over 25 places in the North East all within an hours drive of Sunderland which do not cost to get into. They may however have things like parking costs, hence the Free*.

  • Plessey Woods Country Park (40 Minutes)
    £3 all day parking
    Postcode: NE22 6AN
  • Eagglestone Abbey (55 Minutes)
    £2 parking all day for none English Heritage Members (Members get free parking)
    Postcode: DL12 9TH
  • Piercebridge Roman Bridge (50 Minutes)
    Free parking availible. Museum near by is ran by Engish Heritage and you will need to pay to visit the museum.
    Postcode: DL2 3SW
  • Finchale Priory (30 Minutes)
    £3 all day parking
    Postcode: DH1 5SH
Penshaw Monument
  • Penshaw Monument (15 Minutes)
    Free Parking
    Postcode: DH4 7NJ
  • Derwent Reservoir (55 Minutes)
    £5 all day parking
    Postcode: DH8 9PA
Castle Eden Dene
  • Rising Sun Country Park (35 Minutes)
    Free parking nearby
    Postcode: NE12 9SS
Noses Point
  • Durham Cathedral (30 Minutes)
    Entry is free however, donations are welcome. Parking is availible at verious places throughout Durham.
    Postcode: DH1 3EH (for the Cathedral)
    Postcode for Prince Bishop Car Park: DH1 3UJ
    See a full guide to Durham here.
  • Saltburn by the Sea (1 Hour)
    Pay and Display parking at the Seafront
    Postcode: TS12 1HH (for the Seafront Car Park)
  • Ouseburn Farm (30 Minutes)
    Limited Parking under Biker Bridge
    Postcode: NE1 2PA
  • St Pauls Monestary (20 Minutes)
    Site is operated by English Heritage. Parking Availible onsite.
    Postcode: NE32 3DY
  • Tyne Riverside Country Park (35 Minutes)
    2 Car Parks at the park
    Postcode: NE15 8QP
  • Angel of the North (20 Minutes)
    Free Parking availible
    Postcode: NE9 7UA
  • Thrunton Woods (1 hour)
    Free parking at the entrance to the woods
    Postcode: NE66 4SQ
    Full guide availible: Guide to Thrunton Woods
Thrunton Woods
  • Chopwell Woods (45 Minutes)
    Free Parking at Chopwell
    Postcode: NE39 1LT
  • Rainton Meadows (25 Minutes)
    Free parking on site
    Postcode: DH4 6PU
  • St Marys Island and Lighthouse (45 Minutes)
    The lighthouse itself is closed right now but you can still walk around the island. £3 all day parking.
    Postcode: NE26 4RS
  • Hardwick Park (35 Minutes)
    £3 all day parking
    Postcode: TS21 2DN
  • Bowes Castle (1 hour)
    Free Parking on site
    Postcode: DL12 9HP
  • Benwell Roman Temple and Vallum Crossing (40 Minutes)
    Parking is availible but unsure on costs.
    Postcode: NE15 6DF
  • Heddon on the Wall (45 Minutes)
    Parking availible nearby
    Postcode: NE15 0ED

I hope this post has inspired you. There were definately a lot of new places I had never heard of before which is always great! If you do end up visiting one of these places let me know!

Please check ahead with anywhere you do decide to go to get their open times. And when you are out and about please follow social distancing and wear your mask whenever you are inside any public spaces (unless excempt).

Stay Safe, Happy Adventuring!

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