Everything you need to know about Yorkshire Lavender – A Guide to the Yorkshire Lavender Farm

Yorkshire Lavender is a lavender farm just outside of Terrgington, North Yorkshire. In short, it is a 60 acre purple haven full of different veriteys of lavender and herbs waiting for you to discover. During the summer months are the best times to visit as this is when the lavender is in full bloom. This post is full of all the details you need to plan your visit.

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If you simply want the critical information, feel free to skip to the bottom of this page for a summary of the important bits.

What a view!

How to get to the Yorkshire Lavender Farm?

From Sunderland, it took a little over an hour and 30 minutes to get there. The route for the majority of the way is pretty simple, take the A19 south, turn off the big road at Thirsk to stay on the A19. And from here, you will need a sat nav as its a little windy down a load of country roads. You do get to pass through some really beautiful little Yorkshire villages.

Postcode: YO60 6PB

When you go to leave, keep your eye out before rejoining the A19 for the White Horse of Yorkshire, which is visible down some of the roads.

Welcome to the Yorkshire Lavender Farm

What is there to do at the Yorkshire Lavender Farm?

The star of the show is absolutely taking a stroll through the lavender field. This part contains their main collection of the different types of lavender they grow and sell in their plant nursery.

You are also able to see some of the fantastic views this farm has over Yorkshire as it is up on a hill. You can see for miles across the valley. And if you get a clear day like we did, you can see as York Minster on the horizon.

Taking in the view of North Yorkshire

The other spectacular part of the farm is the Yorkshire Lavender gardens. These gardens showcase a beautiful selection of not only lavender but other flowers to make a really spectacular english country garden. Even if you aren’t really into plant, I think anyone would be able to appreciate the beauty of this place.

For both the lavender field and the gardens, you will need to pre-book a ticket and your timeslot for visiting. All information on tickets and booking is down below.

While you’re there you could also stop off and grab some refreshments from the tea room. While there, I had to try a lavender scone, which was served with clotted cream and lavender and blueberry jam. The whole lot was absolutely delicious and if you are going I highly reccomend it!

Lavender Scone with Lavender and Blueberry Jam

The prices of the other things on the menu didn’t seem too high either. But they were taking card only so make sure to take your card with you if you do choose to visit.

The Yorkshire Lavender Farm Tea Room Menu

And finally of course, after wandering around looking at all the beautiful lavender you get to go into the plant nursery and buy some! They have 2 for 3 mix and match at various price points on all their stock. These prices range from 3 for £9.50 to i think £27.50 was the highest I spotted. Everything seemed relatively well priced and I didn’t feel like I was being ripped off. Be careful when grabbing a basket though because you will fill it!

Don’t forget to have a look in the giftshop on your way out where you can pick up lavender themed gifts, beauty products etc. Its a bit lavender mad!

Would my kids enjoy the Yorkshire Lavender farm?

In short, yes. There is a lot to entertain kids here. They have the lavender maze (which is a little hard and may need parental supervision as we stuggled with it!!). There is also the giant snakes and ladders which they claim to be the biggest in Yorkshire, and it probably is. And finally they have a pretty good play area, and who doesn’t love a playarea!

Stuck inside the lavender maze

How much does it cost to visit the Lavender Farm?

Adults: £6
Children under 3yrs: free
Concessions: £5.50
Family tickets also availible, see here for more information.

How can I pre-book tickets for the Yorkshire Lavender Farm?

Their online booking system is really easy to use. You simply click the day you want to visit, what time from the avalible slots, how many ticket you need (including any free under 3 yrs old slots) and pay. You should then get an email to confirm your spot which you need to be able to take with you to show your confirmation as it contains your ticket.

You can click here to go to their website to pre-book your timeslot.

The rows of different veriety of Lavender

What can I do nearby?

The Lavender farm is just 3 miles away from Castle Howard in Yorkshire. You could also pair a visit here with a trip to Helmsley, Eden Camp, Thirsk, York, Osmotherly, The North Yorkshire Moors, Scarborough or even Whitby. You have many options with it being relatively near the motorway!

The Yorkshire Lavender Gardens

Everything you need to know to plan your visit to the Yorkshire Lavender farm:

  • Opening hours; 10am-5pm 7 days a week
  • Parking is free.
  • Card payments only
  • Postcode : YO60 6PB
  • The shop, toilets, cafe and nursery are wheelchair friendly but the field and gardens may be a little tricky as they are grassy fields.

Thank you for reading this post, and I hope I have answered any questions you may have had about visiting!

Stay Safe and Happy Adventuring!

Yorkshire Lavender

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