Sunderland isn’t a huge city but there are a whole load of places you can go for a walk without having to travel too far. This is a list of over 40 places to keep your walks interesting and possibly find somewhere new to discover.

It was during the lockdowns that this post was written as it gave me the chance to explore our doorstep. So now I can pass that on to all of you!

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I do in fact have a whole page here on my blog dedicated to Sunderland Daily Walk spots which you should have a look at!

Penshaw Monument and Herrington Country Park

Symbols of the City to Walk Via

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Minster Park


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Tunstall Hill

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Countryside Areas

Hendon Beach

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The Red House, St Peters Sculpture Trail

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The River Wear/Coast

I hope you have enjoyed this post and been inspired to find somewhere new to visit!

Stay Safe and Happy Adventuring!

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