Dare I say, the worst of the cold weather has gone, over 15 million brits have been vaccinated and the number of cases are definatley coming down. It looks like, we are coming to an end of this. And with that, we can start looking to the summer and planning things for when we are granted our freedom and safty.

Cheviot Hills

Now then, I would be incredibly surprised if international travel was allowed at all this year. However, staycations and day trips will be incredibly popular. Personally, I cannot wait for the rule of six so me and my family can get some use out of our national trust passes and go and explore this incredible region!

Disclaimer: I know that at the date of posting this we are still within a natonal lockdown. I am in no way condonign or encouraging anyone to go traveling outside of their area to explore any of the places in this blog. Any photos here were taken either before or in between tough restrictions. Please be considerate and do not travel if it is not necessary.

Northumberland is one of the best parts of the North East, and has so many places you have got to visit this year. So save this post, pin it, or subscribe so you dont lose it and start planning your summer 2021. And with that here are my top places in Northumberland you need to visit in 2021.

Hadriand Wall

Hadrians Wall

Hadrians wall is one of my favoutite parts of Northumberland and I absolutely CANNOT wait to get back onto the wall!

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Towns/ Villages

This is no where near a full list, however it is what I think are the better places to visit for either a daytrip or even to use as a base to explore the Region.

Dunstanburgh Castle


There are 70 castles in Northumberland so you best believe this is not a full list of them all!

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Kielder Forest and Water Park

Countryside Areas

Northumberland Zoo


  • Northumberland Country Zoo
  • Whitehouse Farm
  • Woodhorn Museum
  • Cragside
  • Lindisfarne Island
  • Gibside
  • Andy Howeys Birds of Prey Centre
  • Farne Islands
  • Wallington
  • Go Ape at Maften Hall
  • St Marys Lighthouse

There are definately more places in Northumberland waiting to be discovered but I hope this gets your mind ticking for the summer to come and preparing for what lies ahead.

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Stay Safe and Happy Adventuring


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