Firstly, how is everyone. We are all in someway being effected by the current global situation. Of course, some more than others. I have been really lucky with everything (touch wood) and I hope you are one of those lucky ones!

These succulents were a gift from my sister and her partner from Bloom and Wild, and I just love them so much!

On Friday I celebrated my 23rd birthday while on lock-down. And while it wasn’t the grandest birthday, it was just as amazing as I feel I appreciated everyone’s love even more! The whole day was topped off with my sister baking a brownie and sneaking it (via contactless delivery) to our house so the whole family could sing happy birthday to me via video chat. It was so adorable!

The succulents in its packaging, I am obsessed with how cute it is!

The UK is still on lock-down, and if I’m being honest, i’m not bored yet and really trying to use the time well. By getting all those things done that I’ve neglected or not had time for far too long! And one of those things is my blog and corresponding Instagram accounts.

During this time I want to invest into my online presence and freshen things up (hence the title of this blog). I’ve struggled for a while to keep both my normal account and travel one, and I also felt my blog was too focused on one topic and was starting to run out of steam. Therefore I will be deleting my travel one and moving everything to my personal account: VickyBeaney97. If you don’t already, i’d be really grateful if you could give it a follow! Rather than a travel focus, there will be some fashion and general lifestyle bits thrown into the mix to really show every aspect of my life. The new concept will hopefully be less constricting and help me keep content flowing. At the end of the day I love blogging and want to find a way to keep that love alive which is why I’ve made this decision.

So that’s everything. If you have stuck with my blog all this time while I have been on an unannounced break, then I appreciate it and thank you for supporting me! If you’re new, then hello, and welcome to my Mackem life.

How are we all coping with lock-down?


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