I have lived in Sunderland my entire life, and it still amazes me that there are still so many places I haven’t been. Especially when they are so close to home at less than a 10 minute drive!

The Seven Sisters

The Seven Sisters at Copt Hill is somewhere that I had never heard of until a few weeks ago. Someone I follow posted that they were there (I cannot find the post now!). I thought it was incredibly beautiful so I investigated where it was and saw that it was only 10 minutes from my house!

I even added it into my 40+ places for daily walks in and around Sunderland post!

After we visited yesterday, I posted on my Instagram story asking if any of my followers had been and the majority of them hadn’t which is crazy to think because it is so local! It really is a hidden gem.


If you want to visit yourself, parking is a bit of an issue. The conservation organization, Friends of Copt Hill, recommend that you get the bus to visit because the nearest car park is about a mile from the site (and is pay and display). When you search on google maps how to get there, it takes you into a housing estate and then along a path through the estate. Personally, I wouldn’t like someone parking outside of my house to go for a walk, and i’d imagine the people who live there get sick of this type of thing.

Copt Hill Pub

What we did was parked at the Copt Hill Pub on Burdon Road. The car park is a decent size though, so even if the pub was open, I still think there would be space to park here. And what a great excuse it would be to call in for a pint! I cannot wait for post lockdown visit to the beer garden at the back of this pub, it has a really great view over Houghton!

There is a public path onto Copt Hill on the other side of the road from the pub. Its directly opposite the pub, which is currently closed due to Lockdown 3. You cannot miss it as there are a couple signs and one of those metal gates to stop bikes going down the path.

The public path to the Seven Sisters

The Route

After walking down the path for few minutes there will be a stye on the left. This takes you up onto the hill. It was a little icy when we visited, so be careful if you’re planning on going in the next few days!

Stye to the Seven Sisters

The field with the hill in is a really pretty space. There are lots of benches around to sit on and take in the incredible view. There are also lots paths to walk around the seven sisters area. There were also a couple of cows in the field so jist be careful, and dont get too close to them!

The view from the centre of the trees over Houghton is incredible. On a really clear day I bet you can see for miles.

Taking in the view

Historical Significance

The site is incredibly historic as it is believed to be a Neolithic burial site dating back to 2400-1500 BC. It could actually be even older than this as they have found some evidence to suggest that it is mesolithic which dates the site to be 7000 years old!

The Seven Sisters refers to the seven beech trees planted on the crest of the hill to mark the burial site in the last century.

Information Sign from the Friends of Copt Hill

When you first walk onto the field, it feels like you’ve gone into a different place. The trees stand out so clearly from the rest and it is just so clear that this is a significant place. It was a really nice place for a stop off and a short walk around. I don’t think you could spend a long time there, perhaps in the summer you could take a picnic. However, the view and the overall atmosphere of the place make for a really great mini adventure!

Admiring the view

I hope this inspires anyone who has never been, and that you now have a little more appreciation for the site and its role in local history.

Stay Safe and Happy Adventuring



  1. Seven sisters, feels like its in my back garden,it’s a fantastic place to look out over the views, on a clear day can see way way past Durham

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