The Metrocentre, Gateshead is a shoppers heaven with stores and restaurants catering for everyone. It’s been 5 months since my last visit, in the beginning of March when I went shopping for a wedding that had to be postponed. Looking back, if I’d known how different things would have been on my next visit, I’d have taken it in (and probably spent more!!).

We used to visit quite regularly, often going to the cinema or dining at one of the restaurants. And at Christmas we would have full days shopping there getting everyone’s presents.

After Sunday’s visit, I can’t see myself going back for a while.

Covid signage at the entrance

There is signage at the entrance, and throughout the centre reminding visitors of social distancing, wearing masks and hand washing. Social distancing was difficult as the place was heaving.

They also inform of the ‘marked routes’ customers need to follow. This isnt exactly complicated as you simply need to stay to the left as much as possible. But honestly they needn’t have bothered with this signage as no one was following it.

Marked Route Signage on the floors

We arrived at around 2pm on a Sunday afternoon, and would have expected most people to be leaving at that time. This just wasnt the case and it was quite worryingly busy.

As some of you will know, I work in Sunderland town centre, and Sundays are our quietest days. I simply cant comprehend why people would risk the Metrocentre, when they could visit Sunderland for their essentails. And I know Sunderland doesn’t have anywhere near as many options, but it definitely feels safer!

I hope this blog post helps anyone who is still nervous about going shopping, and especially to the Metrocentre. My advice; Don’t go just yet.

Marked Route Signage on the columns

The only good thing to come out of our visit was a coffee and cake from Costa which was absolutely delicious.

A honeycomb iced latte for me, flat white for Shaun, and a salted caramel brownie to share!

Has anyone else been and had similar experiences, or did we just go on a bad day? Let me know!


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