Northumberlandia is an incredible piece of public art in an area that is now a public park for everyone to enjoy. Northumberlandia is the largest human form public art piece in the world! It took 1.5 million tonnes of rocks to make her, and she meatured 100 ft tall and a quarter of a mile long! Because of her height, you can see up over the shotton surface mine to the Cheviot Hills from the top and out over the North Sea to the east.

The Sunday Adventure Squad with Shotton mine and the snowy Cheviots in the distance.

The reason it was built back in 2012 was because of the mine itself. The mine was undergoing some restorations which resulted in a lot of the materials used in the making of the Lady of the North and cost the land owners and the mine owners, £3 million to complete.

‘Keep off the face’

Northumberlandia Open Hours

The park itself is open from dusk til dawn. However the onsite cafe and toilets are open from 10am-5pm.


Parking at Northumberlandia

Northumberlandia is a public space in Cramlington, and it was considered important to the land owners to make sure that it was free for all to access. For this reason, there are no parking costs or entree fees at Northumberlandia. It is a completely free day out.

All they ask for is if you are able too, to give a donation to the site so it can be maintained.

Postcode: NE23 8AU

Northumberlandia Visit Centre

Facilities at Northumberlandia

There is a cafe/visitor centre and there are toilets at Northumberlandia.


Walking Trails at Northumberlandia

The lady is made up of many different paths going in many different directions. Because of this you could entirely chose how long and how far you walk around. Overall, the park isn’t huge so it generally isnt going to be an all day experience so keep that in mind. There are a few spots that I definately think you should walk to in order to really take in the site.

The first being the two hills you come too as soon as you walk into the park from the car park. From here I think you get the best view of her and can really understand her form (photo above).

I have included a download button above for the map in case you want to have a better look at it.

The second is from the highest point which is literally her forehead! From here this is where you get the best view over the mine to the Cheviot Hills and out the sea facing the other way. You can also get another great view of the lady from here.

Down the bridge of her nose

The paths around the lady can be a little hilly however, there are also more accessible and easy going paths availible so this spot works perfectly for any ability.

Swans on the Lake of Northumberlandia

Things to remember when visitng Northumberlandia

Northumberlandia is a public space and it is up to us as the general public to ensure its upkeep and leave it in the state we found it!

  • Make sure to take any rubbish from picnics with you when you go home (fires or bbqs not permitted)
  • Keep your dogs on their lead and clean up after them
  • There are no bikes or horses permitted within the park itself
  • The lakes are home to many natural beings so stay out of the water (this includes dogs)
  • Bring a mask incase you need to go inside either the toilets or the cafe
  • Stick to the paths and do not trample over the area

If you want to find out more about Northumberlandia, then visit their website here.

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Stay Safe and Happy Adventuring!

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