At the end of September last year, Shaun and I finally became homeowners. We moved from a house on the same street I lived for the first year of my life that we rented from my parents, to our own home in an area completely new to us both. And for the first time in my life, I live a stones throw away from the beach. And at first, we thought we would walk to the beach everyday…

Flash forward 3 months. New Years Day, 2020. We finally took that walk to the beach.

The path to the beach

This is 10 minutes walk, downhill all the way, from our new home. I honestly don’t know why it has took this long for us to do this walk. But this beach is a true hidden gem. And we all know that I don’t believe there is such a thing.

A view up the coast to Roker and Hendon beaches

With the wintry afternoon sun casting beautiful shadows along the cliff fronts, this really is a beautiful find. And we had this portion of the beach to ourselves. Yes it is a rocky beach so I wouldn’t recommend coming with flip-flops on. You absolutely need good walking boots to enjoy this beach. But it is worth it!

The view from the cliff top where Ryhope meets Seaham

Where rock meets sand. This is the point where you turn the corner onto Seaham beach. With the tide on your side, you can trek all the way down to Seaham which is the next town along from us. This walk will absolutely be an adventure for the summer! And just look at the colours in the sky.

The view from the cliff along to Seaham

And here in the distance is Seaham town itself. This is such an amazing place to stumble upon, and we feel so fortunate to have this on our doorstep. And what a way to start 2020.

Stay Safe and Happy Adventuring



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