Finding somewhere new to go for a date is always a challenge. Especially when there is nothing new at the cinema. But trying new places and doing new things always makes for a great date, and just generally an enjoyable time out! So here is a list of loads of places you can go to have a new experience for date night, or just inspire you to do something different!

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Let’s get on with it!

Sunderland Empire Theatre

Go see a show at The Empire Theatre

Sunderland Empire Theatre is an incredible asset to this city which I do think sometimes gets forgotten about by people who aren’t interested in Theatre. However, we are so lucky to have such an amazing and historic building in our city.

The theatre has suffered massively with the pandemic but has absolutely bounced back with a jammed-packed calendar of events! Have a look through it and I’m sure you will find something you’d want to see. Book the Theatre.

Go out for a Meal

I do feel like this is pretty much a standard when it comes to date night, but maybe you could try somewhere new or a new cuisine. I know in Sunderland you aren’t exactly spoilt for choice when it comes to eating out but there are some pretty good places amongst them. Here are a few of my favourites:

  • Port of Call
  • No 2 Church Lane
  • Mexico 70
  • Mumbai Silk
  • Roma Italian
Burgers from No 2 Church Lane

I do have a blog full of all the best places to eat and drink in Sunderland if you want to know more about where will be best for your date!

Where to Eat and Drink in Sunderland

Go Bowling at Sunderland Bowl

Sunderland Bowling Alley is actually really fun and has so much more to it than just bowling lanes. There is also an arcade area, darts, shuffleboard and mini-golf. And all of it is pretty cheap, with offers often during the week. See here for prices and here for booking.

Its open hours are:

Monday to Thursday: 11am – 11pm
Friday 11am-midnight
Saturday 10am-midnight
Sunday 10am–11pm

Sunrise from Blast Beach

Go watch the Sunrise or Sunset

Watching the sunrise or sunset can be a really beautiful way to start or end the day. And there are so many places in Sunderland in which you can do this!

If this is something you want to know more about then I would recommend visiting my blog post all about it here on Mackem Life.

Watch a Film at The Empire Cinema

I can remember when Sunderland didn’t have a cinema and we had to go all the way to Boldon to watch the latest films. But now we have one in the city centre!

Have a click here to see the latest films at the cinema. And if you part at the Sunniside car park it’s free after 3pm Monday to Friday!

Test your Strength at Sunderland Climbing Wall

I know I would be utterly useless at this because I have no upper-body strength. But I imagine this would be so much fun to do!

They look very well kitted out with lots of different walls at different expertise levels. If you are a complete novice they do have taster sessions and coaching available.

From the looks of it though, the prices can add up if you are new to the wall and if you aren’t looking to create a hobby out of this. Firstly you have to pay to be a member, then pay for your session and then pay to hire equipment. In total it comes out to £19 per person.

But by all means, have a look at their website and see if this is a good fit for you!

Address: Doxford Works, Pallion Quay, Sunderland SR4 6TQ

The Stack

Have a night at The Stack

The Stack is perhaps one of the greatest additions to the city in the last 10 years! It is full of amazing street food vendors with more coming all the time. And as for entertainment, there is always something new going on. From their Kroud Karaoke to musicians playing on the stage.

The Stack is definitely one of the best places for a night out in Sunderland right now!

Go see something at the New Fire Station

The brand-new amphitheatre at The Fire Station looks absolutely incredible! I am yet to visit, but there will absolutely be a blog post about it when I do!

But it looks like they are going to host smaller and more intimate performances than the Empire which is next door. I think this is going to be a great union because it means The Theatre will be able to welcome larger shows which raises the city’s status, while the Fire Station has smaller acts which would otherwise have nowhere to perform. It is something the city has been missing for years and it’s amazing to finally have this in our city.

If you want to give it a visit then have a look at what they’ve got going on here.

Battle it out at Laser Quest Sunderland

The Laser Quest Arena in Sunderland is one of the biggest in the North East and it’s also pretty cheap! You get 20-minute battles for as little as £6 per person (with a midweek discount offered too). You simply book online here, and then take out all your frustrations on them in the arena!

Laser Quest Open Hours:

Monday – Friday: 3pm – 9pm
Saturdays – Sunday: 10am -9pm
Holidays: 10am – 9pm


Laser Quest Sunderland,
30-32 John Street,

On the same site, there is also an Escape Room called ClueHQ and a Mini-Golf Course called Galaxy Quest Mini Golf. I haven’t tried either but they could be worth a visit!

Visit the Arcades at the Beach

I know this is a little childish and the arcades now look so out of place and old-fashioned. But they could still be quite fun for a little date. And you could easily pair it with a meal at one of the restaurants down there or even a night at The Stack!

Personally, I have so many memories from playing on those 2p machines in my childhood which could be a really cute nostalgia trip, ideal for a date. There are a few different ones you can visit next to The Stack full of those 2p machines, pool tables, and arcade games to occupy you.

Play Pool at Sloanes Pool Bar

It has been years since I went in there and played pool but the times I did we had a great time! I cannot seem to find any information about how much it costs to play, only that it is fair and reasonably priced.

You can book a table or walk in and play if you want. The most up-to-date information were on their Facebook page if you want to have a look for yourself.

Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens

Visit the Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens

The Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens were recently described in a Sunderland Echo article as a ‘hidden gem’. While it is one of the most famous places in the city and very well known, it is definitely a gem!

I have been to museums all over the world and ours is up there with some of the best. It has so much history within it and really captures Sunderlands’ History perfectly. Especially when you consider the fact that it is free! Pair this with a walk in Mowbray Park and you’ve got an amazing day!

Wandering through The Winter Gardens has always been one of my favourite places to visit in our city centre. And the new coffee bar/bistro in there is supposed to be really good! I’m yet to visit Bennellis but it is definitely on my list!

Well, that’s all my date suggestions in Sunderland. If you have any more that you think should be on this list let me know. But for now, I hope you have enjoyed this post and been inspired to go out on a date!

Stay Safe and Happy Dating!

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