East Grange is a farm located just outside of Durham city centre. At the farm, they host various seasonal events from pumpkin picking, and Christmas tree picking and at the end of the summer, they have their sunflower trail.

East Grange Farm, Sunflower Trail

This post will give you all the information you need for visiting and all my tips following my visit there!

East Grange Farm, Sunflower Trail

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Now then, let us get on with the guide.

In previous years the sunflower field has been just 3 acres however, for 2022 they have increased that to 12 acres of sunflowers. A total of 2.5 million flowers are within the field for you to walk through!

East Grange Farm, Sunflower Trail

They have also added a trail to it for you to get lost in as well as a load of photo spots, a quiz, fact boards and more.

Also, did I mention you can pick your own?!

East Grange Farm, Sunflower Trail

You are allowed to take your own secateurs or rent them for a £10 returnable deposit from the guys at the farm. And you can pick as many flowers as you want and they cost £1 per stem so make sure you pick the best ones! You can also pay by card here which is amazing for those of us who never have cash.

East Grange Farm, Sunflower Trail


In order to gain entry, you MUST pre-book your tickets online. You will then get emailed a QR code which they scan for you at the door.

There are two options for visiting, the first is their normal everyday ticket which runs from 10am – 4pm and permits children. Or if you so wish you can do their twilight trail which runs on Friday and Saturday nights 5pm – 7pm. There are no under-16s allowed at the twilight tour and there is prosecco, live music and homemade pizza on offer too. I half wish we had done the twilight tour as there were a lot of small children crying!

East Grange Farm, Sunflower Trail

You can book tickets on their website HERE.

Prices are £6 for anyone over the age of 3. Children 2 and under do not need to pay.

Dogs are not permitted on site as it is a working farm.

The sunflower season has just opened and will be running from Friday the 19th of August till Sunday the 4th of September.

East Grange Farm, Sunflower Trail

Parking and Getting Here

There is onsite parking available which is just up a little farm track. It doesn’t cost to park here although the car park is just a gravel track and a field. In my little car if it had been raining I would be worried about getting stuck to keep that in mind when choosing your spot to park in.

The postcode for the farm is: DH1 2TB

There are loads of signs at the entrance to the farm so you really cannot miss it!

East Grange Farm, Sunflower Trail

On-site Facilities

There are toilets on site, just next to the entrance. Although they are just portaloos which I am often wary of, especially after camping at Silverstone for the F1 earlier this year! I can still smell those ones…

There were also a few food stalls which looked like your typical event vans. Alternatively, you are permitted to take your own picnic and snacks etc as they might not always be open.

East Grange Farm, Sunflower Trail

There is also a small gift shop on your way out selling typical farm items like honey and homemade candles etc.

The Sunflower Trail,

So I have mentioned that there are 2.5 million flowers for the 2022 season, which is just insane! Of course, you will absolutely want to see as many of them as possible! When we visited we perhaps took the wrong route, so here is my advice on what how to plan your route.

East Grange Farm, Sunflower Trail

When you first enter the field, take a right and walk along to the quiz area. This was aimed at kids, but there is no age limit on fun!

Once you’ve done this, head downhill to the bottom of the field. From the bottom right corner, you will get to see all the sunflower faces looking at you, as this is the direction they all face.

If you hit the furthest down path that runs along the bottom of the field, stick to it with the sunflowers on your left and you will get to the steps which you can climb and get an ariel view of the field.

East Grange Farm, Sunflower Trail

Then you can keep going in the same direction until you get to the left side of the field. This is where they were asking us to start taking our flowers from and honestly, these were some of the best ones.

When picking your flowers, I would recommend cutting 2ft down the stem. That way you can shorten it when you get home and put them in a vase.

East Grange Farm, Sunflower Trail

We spend a little over 30 minutes in total onsite which isn’t a great deal of time. However, I think based on how much I enjoyed that short time I do think it is worth it. With it being so close to Durham city centre a great way to spend the rest of your day is by heading there and having a look around.

Overall, we had a great time at East Grange for the sunflower trail, and I cannot wait to go back for their pumpkin picking and Christmas tree in the next few months!

Stay Safe and Happy Adventuring!

East Grange Farm, Sunflower Trail

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