Seaham is one of the best seaside towns in the North East of England. Fact. There are so many things to do and it is a perfect place to visit for all ages! If you are looking for somewhere to visit in the North East then look no further than Seaham Seafront.

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Seaham is very generous in its parking offerings as there are many free car parks along the coastal path, all of which are free and have no time limits. This fact makes it an incredibly popular place to visit and these car parks do fill up quite quickly.

Venues are now able to open for outdoor seating and takeaway of course. If you want to read the roadmap to freedom from the government you can do so by clicking here!

The 6 main car parks are as follows (From north to south):

  • Seaham Hall Beach Car Park. Postcode: SR7 7AF
  • Vane Tempest Car Park. Postcode: SR7 7AF (Currently being used as a testing site, open hours may vary)
  • Terrace Green Car Park. Postcode: SR7 7EU
    This one is a perfect place to park up and watch the waves. Or if you time it right, you can watch the sun rise or set from here!
Sunset from Terrace Green car park
  • Seaham Marina Car Park. Postcode: SR7 7EE
  • Chemical Beach Car Park. Postcode: SR7 7PS
  • Noses Point Car Park. Postcode: SR7 7PS
Noses Point

Things to do

While at Seaham, there are a few things you really should do while you’re there. Here are just a few things that I’d really recommend you do.

Go to the Beaches

It really would be rude to not visit one of the beaches while you’re at Seaham. There are a few to choose from. Glass Beach is probably the most popular one. While there you can hunt for sea glass which is something this region of the coast is famous for.

The best places to park for this beach will be either Seaham Hall Beach car park, Glass Beach car park or Terrace Green car park as the main beach in Seaham is the best place for sea glass.

Glass Beach

You could also go to the other end of Seaham and visit Blast Beach which is a part of the Durham Heritage Coast. The best places to park for this beach would be either Chemical Beach car park or Noses Point car park. If you are at Noses Point, then you should absolutely grab a coffee from The Street Coffe Co van which is often parked there!

Coffee from The Street Coffee Co

Or if you wanted to visit Seahams Secret beach you could visit Slope Beach which is in the Marina (which would also be the best place to park). Slope beach is one of the only sandy beaches in Seaham and because of this is very popular for swimmers and beachgoers. On some days the Marina car park is filled to capacity because of it. So if you are able, on sunny days I would recommend parking at the top of the bank instead to guarantee a space!

Walk Along the Promenade

For those like myself who hate sand or getting sandy shoes, then there is a way to enjoy the beach without stepping on it. There is a promenade along the glass beach at the sand level which is pretty flat and wheelchair accessible.

You can also walk along the top which is pretty level all the way from Seaham Hall to Noses Point so again it is perfect for either wheelchairs or pushchairs.

Grab something to eat

Right now there are a load of places in Seaham open for Take out. For me, fish and chips, ice cream or coffee are a must when visiting Seaham as these are the most common places down there right now. For Fish and Chips, it absolutely has to be Downeys! You’ll know which one it is as there is always a queue outside of it!

A small cod and chips to share!

And for coffee, I highly recommend Flamingo Bar and Cafe which is down in the marina. Pair it with a walk around the marina itself and you have a perfect day!

Flamingo Coffee with Glass Beach in the Background

The Marina is full of so many businesses and if you wanted to visit the beach there you could have a full day out in one spot. Some of the best businesses to try in the Marina are The Lookout, Bulan Burger and of course Flamingo Cafe which I really love!

However, in post-lockdown life, there will also be a load of places you can sit in and have a more traditional dining experience. With indoor seating! Two of my personal favourites down there are Port of Call Seaham and Clean Bean!

The takeaway from Port of Call

Pay your respects to Tommy

Tommy is a statue of a World War 1 soldier created by a local artist. It was initially only supposed to be a temporary feature but the people of Seaham raised enough funds to keep it. Every year of Remembrance Sunday there is always a display here to remember the fallen. It is a really beautiful piece of art and does an incredible job of commemorating history. This is the highest-rated thing to do in Seaham according to trip advisor, and if you are visiting then you can’t really miss it!

Tommy at Seaham

Key Things to Remember

Seaham is a beautiful place and the people who live there take great pride in it! While visiting please remember this especially in the case of littering and leaving rubbish. Make sure to take any rubbish with you or put it in the bins along the paths. Especially dog waste! And do not leave anything on the beaches as it will end up being washed up and into the sea!

Public Toilets: The public toilets at the Marina (Underneath The Lookout) are now open!
However, there are some at North Beach Cafe at the Seaham Hall car park. An alternative option is to use the ones inside the big Asda on the front.

Let me know if there is anything you think I have missed, or that I should add to this post. Also if you visit Seaham often I’d love to hear about your days there and what you get up to!

Stay Safe and Happy Adventuring!

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  1. Good Evening, Thanks for your words of wisdom re. Seaham, I agree with all you say. A couple of points you have missed, there are not any Public Toilets anywhere in Seaham visitors have to relay on pubs etc. The main point I would like to mention is Cycle riding on the Pavements through Seaham more so on the seafront from Hall car park to Noses Point, CHILDREN are permitted however Teenagers and ADULTS are not, this practice is not only antisocial and dangerous it is also against the LAW. When they are approached by the walking public it is expletive after expletive. Police ?????, they do come to Seaham but in most part it is a drive through.

  2. The path along the front is both a pedestrian and cycle path..there are blue signs up on it showing it’s for both.

    1. I’ll have to have a look for these next time as I have never noticed them. There are definately some parts that are very narrow though. A designated cycle lane painted on the ground I think would be very helpful as it gets busier in the summer!

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