Northumberland’s Coastline is jam packed with historic castles, beautiful yet derelict beaches and quaint towns and villages waiting to be explores, and this post is full of it all!

Welcome back to my blog. This one is jam-packed with all the details you need, my top tips, and LOTS of photos, so this one is going to be a long read! However, this adventure was a truly amazing one, so I hope you enjoy it.

This adventure was even more special than normal as its the first time my parents have tagged along with the usual 4 (my partner, my sister, her partner and myself), since before lockdown. The world is not normal but there are definitely rays of the way life was before, shining through the covid clouds!

The wind taking my ponytail away with it!

The weather has been so bizarre in the UK for the last week. With record breaking heat, torrential rain, thunder and lightning, and now heavy wind. Pretty typical of British summer to be honest. However, it was decided that the weather was going to be better on the coast than in land, thus, the Northumberland coast was where our sights where set.


The drive up took a little over 1.5 hours and is pretty much one road (the A1) all the way up. The first place we landed was Beadnell. A small town on the coast.

Danstanburgh Castle, just coming into view on the horizon

We managed to get parked on the road on the way to the main car park, which meant we didn’t need to pay for parking. The view down to Danstanburgh Castle was incredible here. The town itself like everywhere we visited today, was incredably quiet and made it so easy to socially distance.

The rocky beach where we parked.

We also found a cave of sorts, to have our socially distanced picnic as by the time we arrived we were all starving. I forgot to pack a fork to go with my lunch so;

Top Tip: Always have cutlery in your picnic bag!!!

Our socially distanced picnic!

We carried on walking around the bay and onto the beach, which offered some beautiful views of the coast. The wind was vicious here as the beach sits in the bay, with no cover on any side.

The low tide had beached these boats!

We eventually got round to the car park we were initially aiming for. I didn’t take note of how much it cost to park however, THE TOILETS WERE OPEN!! I never thought we would be so excited to find open toilets as we are right now. There was also a coffee stand and ice cream van in the car park.

Only a ‘little’ windswept!


Since we had pretty much down a full loop (Beadnell is a very small place), we got back in the cars and headed further north to Seahouses. There are two car parks that we found, the first gives you the first hour free (Slightly hidden, away from the beach) and the other was £1 for the first hour (right on the front).

The rocky beach at Beadnell

Seahouses itself is a really small town, however, there was a co-op, plentiful fish and chip shops (which we had to sample!) and a gift shop which was open, despite the global pandemic!

Seahouses rocky beach with the Farne Islands in the distance

If you get the right tide, you’re able to walk right out on the rocks and get an amazing view of both the Farne Islands and Bamburgh Castle. Once the Farne island tours are back up and running, its a really fun day out, and something we have added to our list!

Bamburgh on the left, and the Farne Islands on the right

This part of the walk was one of my favourites today, but it does lead me to another top tip, and quite a serious one!

Top Tip: If you are walking on these rocky areas, wear sensible footwear, like hiking boots. The rocks are slippery with seaweed and lose, making it a broken ankle haven!

More of the rocks and rock pools

From here, we looped back into the town and went walking the other way, after the long-awaited bag of chips to share. The portions were huge, we got the large to share between two but it could’ve fed another person!

Chips and Batter at the seaside is practically the law.

The beach north of Seahouses was a perfect place to walk as it was flat and easy. It also offered amazing views of the Farne Islands and story skies.

The colours of the sky were incredible!

The wind was so strong here, blowing the sand in such a beautiful way towards the sea. That storm cloud was also threatening us!

The storm was following us!

We only had an hour on the car for this second half of the walk, so after walking 30 minutes we turned back towards to car with the aim of driving on to the next stop.

The view on the walk back to the car.

Bamburgh Castle

Once we got back, we decided that since we had come this close, we had to drive the further 6 minutes to Bamburgh Castle. The castle itself is closed, but hopefully it reopens soon! More info here.

The view of Bamburgh Castle from the car park

We parked in the car park at the entrance. Parking was £3.50 for 3 hours which was the lowest option. However, the views of the castle were worth it!

The castle from the northwest side

There is a path right around the castle to give you the full 360 degree experience and the ability to really take in this insanely beautiful castle!

More amazing views of the castle

There was also more amazing shots of the coast and Farne Islands. The sun was now trying to get out? The British weather has been crazy

The view out to sea, with the Farne islands

And to finish it off, we treat ourselves to an ice cream in the car park (thanks dad!!), which really was the icing on the cake of an amazing day.

This ice cream was insanely good!

This weeks’ Sunday Adventure, was perhaps the best day I’ve had in lockdown as it felt the most normal. I hope you enjoyed reading this post, and thank you for your support! If you enjoyed this, I’d love for you to join my blog by subscribing down below.

Stay Safe and Happy Adventuring!



  1. Looks like a great tip to take! I’ve been to the UK 2 times (I’m American) and I hope to go once we’re on the other side of COVID. I want to see more of the country than London!

  2. These photos are gorgeous! Can definitely relate to being overjoyed to find open bathrooms. My husband and I went on a road trip this weekend and that was the hardest part!

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