Everyone needs a cute and positive desk calendar

2019 is over. Thank goodness. The year best described as driving over mountains. With incredibly high peaks and devastatingly low lows. And there’s one phrase I can take from last year;

'Life is too damn short'

Whether were talking about holding grudges and bitterness or cancelling plans because you cant be bothered to get dressed. In 2020 were making everyday an adventure. Because trust me, if you’re ever in a situation where there’s an empty seat at the table or a conversation left unsaid, it’s a feeling more devastating than words can describe.

So how do we live life to the fullest and not in a ‘lets go rock climbing without a harness’ kinda way? And of course, this kind of change needs to be more than a January moment and needs to be sustainable. Well, here are the 5 steps i’m going to try and follow to life life to the fullest;

Step 1: Do one thing or go somewhere once a week never before done (or not done in forever)

In my case, I tend to have most Sundays off, which is now my dedicated ‘adventure day’. So last Sunday, we (Shaun, myself, my sister and her partner) went to Hamsterly Forrest for a small hike and picnic. And it was just so nice to be out and exploring with some of my favourite people. Of course not everyone is fortunate enough to have set days off but you just have to take every opportunity you can for an adventure!

A misty corner of the forest

Step 2: Try everything. As regularly as you can. Just break that routine.

Whether that’s a new restaurant that everyone’s been raving about, or the new vegan steak bake from Greggs (which i still haven’t been able to try because its sold out). Just try it. Because the worst outcome of that situation is that you don’t like whatever it is. Just be brave.

An actual 21st century problem!

This week we will be trying a restaurant in my city that everyone raves about. Its called ‘The Broadway’ and its a steak house (they do veggie food too though). Its been open a while but its one of those places we just haven’t go round to trying, and were doing so for family birthday. This brings me swiftly to step 3.

Step 3: Spend time with your family.

This one, I cannot stress enough and last year had to face the consequences of not doing so. I’m at the age now where suddenly, I’ve looked up and my grandparents are in their 80s and my parents will be in their 50s by the end of the year and people I went to school with are getting married. I feel like everyone was frozen in age for years and then all of a sudden we’ve all grew up. Never-land isn’t real. So please, spend time with whatever family you have because we don’t have forever with them.

Step 4: Arrange those drinks with that friend you haven’t seen in forever

Because, why wouldn’t you? This last year, I’ve been a terrible friend to those close to me because I’ve been juggling all my own shit. So, one of my new years resolutions is to put the juggling balls down and just try and get a better grip on balancing all the aspects of my life. Essentially, i’m going to get my shit figured out. And with that, we have my final step.

Step 5: Remember no one has their shit figured out.

Everyone is winging it. Fact. Your parents who have a happy and stable livelihood, has came from luck and hard-work. These people who post dream lifestyles on Instagram (myself included), are EDITED TO HELL. So calm down, stop stressing about how well other people are doing and just focus on you. Because at the end of that day, YOU are the only one YOU need to see succeed.

In 2020 we’re being positive!

Life is hard, and short, and in the grand scheme of things, meaningless to anyone other than those close to you. So grab those people, hold them close and go do things with them. Life is what you make it, so make it an adventure. And then, in my case, tell everyone else about it!

Here’s to a long and happy 2020


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