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If you hadn’t noticed in yesterdays blog EUROPE, the UK was not featured. The reason being, that this was the one I initially was most interested in as I live in the UK. It is also one of the longest in the series. I have included people from all over the country. From Sunny Scotland, down to the capital.

Little insight to the UKs experience with the virus (without getting too political). The government were slow to secure the country and lock us down in an attempt to get the ‘Herd Immunity’. I’m not sure of the science behind this but it essentially involves people getting the virus and spreading it and then when a % of the population has it, they are then immune from it? I’m not sure really but it involved exposing the population to a killer virus. As a result of this, we have had (at the time of writing) nearly 250,000 cases and almost 35,000 deaths. We have suffered the most deaths in Europe and are second worst in the world. We are an island, and arguably in an ideal geographic location for an event such as this. However lack of plan has resulted in this.

If you are just joining us then please remember that these are all real people who are not experts , they are discussing their real lives and they are simply answering the questions I asked. Those questions were;

  1. Briefly introduce yourself, where in the world you are and who you are locked down with.

  2. How has this experience impacted you and your daily life?

  3. What is the general feeling of the lockdown situation in your part of the world?

  4. What are you doing to stay positive/active in this weird time?

  5. What are you missing most from ‘normal life’ and what will be the first thing you do when this is all over?

Also please remember that English might not be the first language of these amazing people so be mindful if there are any grammar or spelling issues, as if that’s new on this blog!

And so here we go.

Melissa, Glasgow, Scotland

My name is Melissa I am currently in the Lockdown with my family in sunny Scotland home of the thistle! This pandemic has really impacted my life quite a lot as I work in the NHS and it’s been incredibly busy as expected. I personally feel like the Lockdown has impacted my life in a negative way as I usually socialise on a daily basis as well as travel and all that has been put on an abrupt hold which can’t be helped but is still incredibly frustrating. In Scotland at the moment a lot of the general public are feeling frustrated with the Lockdown mainly because of the lack of shops that are open meaning they can’t get specific food they like. Such as McDonald’s who doesn’t love a Big Mac though right?! During this weird time to stay positive I am making sure that my mental heath is top priority by going daily walks while maintaining social distancing as well as focusing on my calligraphy hobby these things keep me focused and reduce cabin fever significantly. I recently open up a small calligraphy business which focuses on all things related to calligraphy in the wedding sector it brings me so much joy creating something which others can then use for a day they will remember forever. Due to the lockdown it’s meant I can’t attend any wedding events so I’ve been joining online wedding groups to keep in touch with clients and make sure I’m updated on current themes that individuals may be interested in. 

 I feel like it’s so important in times like these to check in with friends and make sure their mental health is being considered because sometimes people are so busy with their lives they don’t take the time to just check in and see where their head is at. I also engage in Wednesday wine nights with my friends through Zoom it helps us all to stay connected when we really can’t and just having that but of interaction weekly helps me maintain my social life in these dark times. When it comes down to it I miss the normal days out of going to a restaurant, being able to go around the shops and take however long you want but most of all I miss seeing family and friends because at the end of the day it’s the hugs and smiles we all really miss. The first thing I will do when Lockdown is over will be to head straight to the gym I have been eating way too much chocolate lately! Then most likely will meet us with my friends and family for a nice barbecue if the weather is good enough. 


You can connect with Melissa on her Instagram accounts:

Holly, Edinburgh, Scotland

I’m Holly, quarantined with my boyfriend & our wee dog in our home in Scotland!

For me, I’ve had to stop trading as a cake baker. The weddings I was catering for have been cancelled along with all birthdays and other celebrations that were in my diary. My boyfriend is a manager in a store so was doing longer days with less days off at the beginning so it was tough being home alone for so long. He now had a better work/life balance so I’ve been managing a lot better! I also see family a lot during the week so it’s been really difficult not seeing anyone when I’m so used to their company all the time.

Lockdown has only just eased slightly. I’ve been indoors over 2 months now with one walk a day, it’s tense. We have a lot of people staying doing their bit and missing family, friends, other halves etc and then we’ve got a lot of people who have done their own thing the whole time going against advice of staying at the one home rather than going between your home & partners, or driving to family & friends and sitting in their back garden etc. I personally don’t see a problem with going to see family and staying distant from them but I was always under the impression we weren’t allowed to drive, so I had to sacrifice seeing them.

I am constantly phoning/video calling family members. I bought a book to fill out questions all about my grandmas life so we call everyday to work on that. I bake, make crafty stuff, connect with people on social media & focus on future business plans/ideas whilst I have the time to focus on that. I have also been doing a lot of cleaning and DIY around my home. I’ve loved the time with my boyfriend that he gets off and he is about to start his 9 days off that have been booked for months so it’ll be nice to spend it him & I with no distractions of “normal life” where we then barely spend any of the time off together.

I’m missing just adventuring around Edinburgh and new places in Scotland, beach walks with the dog and the most important would be seeing family as they mean most to us. My Grandad passed away a couple of weeks ago so not being able to have the comfort of my own family around has been really difficult and also knowing I ain’t there to comfort them too is tricky but we can only do our best given the circumstances and knowing that it is for good reason to stay home right now

Holly and Stitch

You can connect with Holly on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hollylayna/
Or, you can Follow stitch: https://www.instagram.com/cockapoostitch/

Amy, Sunderland, North East England

My name is Amy Louise, I’m from England and I’m in Lockdown with my parents.

It’s impacted me massively. I’m furloughed and have been since 23rd March as I work in a non-essential shop. It feels very weird not being in my usual routine of going out to work. Spending a lot of time at home is something I’m not used to either, as I like being out doing things which is what I do on my days off (unless the weather is rubbish).

Some people are scared to go back out into ‘normal’ life but what is normal life anymore. Then there’s other’s who don’t really care and do what they want I.e see there friends, have parties ect.

I try and stick to a routine where instead of sitting all day in my pjs I get up and dressed by 10/11am. That helps set my mind up for the day and think I’m in a little routine. I always feel better when I’m dressed for the day. I’ve also been doing home workouts I’ve used both Joe Wicks and Carly Rowena. I love them both so encouraging. I’ve also been reading a lot and having much less screen time helps me too.

I miss the pubs and restaurants.  Making memories with friends and family and having little day trips away to local cities. I also miss going to work (something I never thought I would say). I think one of the first things I’m going to do is go on a little day out. I miss exploring and taking photos of my adventures.


Be sure to check out Amy on her socials:

Chloe, Lake District England

My name is Chloe and I’m a full-time blogger and freelance writer. I arrived back in the UK on March 17th after travelling New Zealand, Australia and Southeast Asia for 11 months with my boyfriend. We didn’t plan on coming home for a very long time and we plan on travelling again once this is over but for now we’re based in the Lake District with my family. There’s 8 of living together so it’s a little crowded but it’s been a lot of fun.

It’s impacted my life immensely as we’re no longer travelling full time. I’m also a full-time blogger and freelance travel writer so my work has had to adapt somewhat but I’m lucky to work with some amazing clients who have kept things busy for me during this time.

I don’t really want to go into the political side of it too much, but I really don’t think the situation has been handled very well at all by the UK government. I think most people are adhering to the Lockdown rules but unfortunately there are still a few people having gatherings and parties and not respecting other people. It’s a massive shame.

I’m staying positive by planning future trips and writing up more content from our travels. Once it’s safe to do so, we’re planning a huge UK/Ireland/European road trip so I’m getting excited for that and planning as much as possible while I can.

For almost a year my “normal life” included road tripping around New Zealand and Australia and exploring Southeast Asian countries like Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia and more so it’s been a little tricky getting accustomed to having a permanent base again. I really miss living in Asia and having so much delicious food and excursions to enjoy but I am excited to see the rest of my family once it’s safe again and of course, I can’t wait to get back out on the road again!


You can connect with Chloe on her socials:

Lowri, Llandudno, North Wales

Hello! My names Lowri Morgan, I’ve not long celebrated my 21st Birthday! (Well Valentines). I live in a seaside town called Llandudno in North Wales. & I have lived here my whole life! I’m currently in Lockdown, with my mum, dad & brother. & my 2 doggies, Koda & Hugo. All of us are high risk due to health problems so are ‘shielding’ and have been since mid/to end of March!

So, I’m currently furloughed as, I currently work in Debenhams (Department Store) full time, so I’m currently working from my phone from a recent new business venture I’ve started so that’s keeping me busy and distracted so it’s not affecting me too badly! However I had a lot of personal things going on before hand so I suppose hasn’t helped mental health wise however in the same sense, it’s given me breathing space & get to a happier place surrounded by the best fam! 

Where I live, we do have a lot of older generation, however I think that we’ve all come together! We’re all just concerned as the area I live in is a tourist destination. (Snowdonia, Llandudno etc). So people are and have been worried about people from a far coming here when they should be at home. 

So in terms of staying positive, I’ve been keeping busy with watching my favourite TV programmes, working on my phone which not only helps me keep busy but I’m also helping other people too which is amaze! & I’m also on Facetime to my friends nearly every other day! Which is probs more than I’d seen them anyway! Just gotta stay positive as there’s a lot worse things happening than having to stay at home! In terms of staying active, I’ve got a PT who has set up live sessions with himself & has made a workout guide to use at home! Alongside that walking my dogs, although I wouldn’t say it’s keeping me fit as it’s not very quick aha, however it keeps me happy!

I think it’s being social! Me & my work friends go to a Quiz Night every Wednesday & have gone for the past 2 years. So not being able to see them, as I see them everyday in work & also outside of work. Is quite strange! Also 4 of my friends are having to celebrate their 21st birthdays in Lockdown, so will be having big celebrations when this is over!! & lastly seeing my aunties. Little things like going for lunch or coffees (both with my friends also). ya take for granted, & realise in times like this! 

I miss my family & friends lots however I can’t wait to give them all a hug (when it’s safe to do so) & see them. However I’m so so grateful that I’m surrounded by the best Family & we’re safe & healthy. 


You can connect with Lowri on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lowri_am/

Jade and Mali, London, England

Hello, we are Mali and Jade (didsomeonesaytravelling), travel bloggers from England. We are self isolating together in London, and slowly getting used to spending all day every day together!

We have been really lucky, and are both still able to work full time from home, which we are super appreciative of at this time! We are both away from our families, which has been super hard, and have had to cancel a lot of our travels that we had planned. We are slowly getting used to self isolation, and have used it to focus on our travel content, and our hobbies. We are feeling super grateful to be together and safe at this time.

The general feeling of the Lockdown in England is confused, we are currently receiving very mixed messages from our government, which is making it difficult to know what we can and cannot do. One positive, is in England we have really come together as one, and there is a real sense of union in that we are all in this together!

In order to keep active we have both taken up running (which took a lot of convincing on Jade’s part!), and has been great for the mind and body! We have also been focusing on our travel content, and reflecting on past travels which helps us to stay positive. Mali has been focusing on his cooking, and has been cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

One way we stay positive is to take things one day at a time, and try not to think ahead too much!

The thing we are missing the most is being able to see our family and friends, which is the first thing we will do when this is over! We both have family and friends spread across England, and are very close with them. The next thing we will do is book a holiday, as we are really missing our travel fix at the moment.

Jade and Mali in Lisbon

You can follow their journeys on their socials:

Taru, London, England

My name is Taru I am 27 year old Finnish girl, working in finance, living in London. Moved here 2 years ago, after spending 8 years in Sydney, Australia.

I got lucky as I am locked down with my best friend and my other friend. It has been such a blessing to have a someone to spend this quarantine life together.

This has forced me to stop, take time for myself and understand that it is ok to take a day off and do nothing. It has also made me realise how you should not ever take small daily things for a granted, such as commute to work, fully stocked up supermarkets, nights out with best friends, or 4am McDonald’s snack.

One positive impact is that this Lockdown has created a new tradition to my family, now each Sunday at 5pm we got a family Facetime meeting, which has been so lovely!

Now people here in London are getting a bit frustrated with the situation. More and more people have stopped to follow the rules that strictly. Everyone seems so tired with the situation. Overall, the general feeling is alright, I think the beautiful spring weather is helping a lot!I tried to maintain as much as I can my routine life. I still “commute” to work, which means that I leave my bedroom, walk around the block few times and arrive to the living room – Sounds silly but this has helped me a lot!

Also we always try to have some separation between a weekday and a weekend. So, each weekend we have planned some fun activity, what we would do outside of Lockdown, and do all that at home. So far, we have done camping, festivals, culinary school, skiing trip, pool party – All at home!

It has helped us to to enjoy the weekend’s and have something fun to look forward to.

I am missing the times when we didn’t need to queue to get into the supermarket, when we were able to sit outside in a parks with snacks and enjoy the sun, and when we were able to have a chilled after work wine with a friend.

When this all is over the first thing, I will do is to book my flights to Finland and plan a trip to see my family.

And second this is a get all friends together for a HUGE girl’s night out! Can’t wait to put on some pretty clothes on and head out.

Taru having a back yard pool party

You can follow Taru on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dropthattrash/

I’d like to say a huge thank you to all the amazing people who contributed to todays post. This one, above all others, has reminded me that we are all in this together! That’s everything from our tour of the UK. As we go into a back holiday we can probably predict that people will ignore the social distancing rules and go out to try and enjoy their weekend. Please remember to stay 2 meters apart!

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Stay Safe, Stay Home




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