The North East might not be the first place you think of when you think about ‘luxury hotels’ but in fact there are a great deal within the region. Many of which are less than a 2 hour drive from Sunderland! Personally I cannot wait to get back into a fancy restaurant, or dip in a spa somewhere.

2021 is going to be the absolute year of staycations! Overnight stays in accomodation that involves mixing, and dining indoors cannot happen untill May 17th at the earliest in line with the Government Roadmap (which you can view here). However, there is nothing stopping you book up early to get the best dates, or many of these hotels do have other services such as gyms, spas or golf courses which can open from the 12th April. Please remember that each hotel can decide when is best for themselves to reopen and may not be doing so on the days in which it is allowed. Please check in with each hotel to see what their individual reopening procedures are!

Disclaimer: Please do not go and visit any of these places untill it is legally safe to do so. Continue following current government guidance!

Breakfast on the balcony at Langley Castle

Langley Castle, Hexham (1 hour)

Postcode: NE47 5LU

We stayed here last October. And while it was a perfect place to use as a base when exploring Northumberland, the covid restrictions they had in place weren’t perfect and we had a couple of issues during our stay. It was a great experience and it felt very luxurious to stay in a castle for a few nights after being in lockdown for so long. You can read all about our stay here!

Here is their website if you want to have a look at availiblity: Langley Castle

Slaley Hall

Slaley Hall, Hexham (1 hour)

Postcode: NE47 0BX

This was the first ‘luxury’ hotel we had ever stayed in and it really gave us a taste for the finer things in life. I booked this back when I was working in a hellish job and had a rare weekend off (I think it was the only weekend I ever had off at this job without requesting it!). Because of this I went all out and booked the suite. It was absolutely incredible, and completely ridiculous! We went to one of their restaurants for tea (theres two) which was pretty casual which we liked. They also have a golf course and a spa on site. And here we went for a really long walk in the grounds on the last day which was amazing! The hotel is really close to Hexham and Northumberland too so it can make for a great place to use as a base for further adventures!

They often have deals on their website so it’s definately wroth looking at: Slaley Hall

Our four post bed overlooking the golf course!

Maften Hall, Northumberland (45 Minutes)

Postcode: NE20 0RH

Maften Hall looks like somewhere from a fairlytale and I would honestly love to get the chance to visit! 2021 is the year of staycations and I am very tempted to get this one booked up at somepoint for later in the summer! They have a golf course and spa on site. And of course is in the heart of Northumberland. This makes it a perfect place to go for an adventure!

Here is their website for you to book: Maften Hall

Le Petit Chateau, Otterburn (1 hour 15 Minutes)

Postcode: NE19 1NR

Known as a very luxurious spot for weddings, Le Piti Chateau is a really pretty hotel to stay in. We went for a wedding a few years ago, and in all honestly I can’t really remember much about the room, or the food, or the hotel in general. All I can remember is teaching wedding guests I didn’t know how to floss… But I do remember that it was a very beautiful hotel and I’d love to go back now (without consuming as much alcohol) and really enjoy our stay!

Have a look on their website and see for yourself; Le Petit Chateau

Quite literal muder on the dancefloor!

Jesmond Dene House, Newcastle (40 Minutes)

Postcode: NE2 2EY

This is one I have never been too, but I have seen many photos of and it looks very beautiful. It’s definately on the list of places i’d like to stay at some point! Thier afternoon teas especially are something that i’d love to try.

They have a few deals on right now which are worth having a look at: Jesmond Dene House

Redworth Hotel

Redworth Hall, County Durham (45 Minutes)

Postcode: DL5 6NL

It was back in 2019 that we went here for a weekend to celebrate my birthday. It before I was blogging so it never got a mention on here untill now. The trip was lovely and I can remember having quite a few drinks in the bar on the evening after our 3 course meal which was delicious! We also went for a lovely walk in the grounds one day which is well worth doing if you do go and the spa of course was really lovely and relaxing!

This is their website if you want to have a look and book for yourself: Redworth Hall

Our room at Redworth Hotel

Rockliffe Hall, Darlington (1 Hour)

Postcode: DL2 2DU

The spa at Rockliffe hall looks like something dreams are made of! I saw someone posting about this place last year and it has been in the back of my mind since then! It looks like such a perfect place to go for a proper relaxation weekend! Another possible contender for 2021 staycations!

Visit their website to see what they have to offer: Rockliffe Hall

The Ramside Hotel

The Ramside, Durham (25 Minutes)

Postcode: DH1 1TD

I have never stayed here, but went for my brother in laws wedding back in 2019. I have heard many great things about staying and everyone who did seemed to have a great time. They have their spa, golf course, restarants and of coure many wedding facilities so it can make for a really great place to stay.

Have a look at their website for details on reopening and booking: The Ramside

A drunk Vicky toilet selfie at The Ramside!

Seaham Hall, Seaham (15 Minutes)

Postcode: SR7 7AG

Seaham hall is just down the road from me and everytime I go past it I just long to be in it! I have seen so many photos of people in the spa or the restaurant and it just looks so beautiful! Perhaps this year I will try and get booked in for a spa day because it really looks incredible!

Here is their website for you to look at yourself: Seaham Hall

So that is everywhere on my list. Please do let me know if you think there is anywhere I have missed off or somewhere you think I should add. But let me know if you have visited any of these places! I’d love to hear about your experiences here.

Stay Safe, Happy Staycationing!

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