Built on the grounds where busy city centre streets once thrived, the former Town Park has been revitalised in a year long project and transformed into a green space to be enjoyed. Minster park is the final step in the Bishopwearmouth Townscape Heritage Scheme, completing the project. The park officially opened to the public yesterday (27th August).

This part of Sunderland is the most historic in the city centre with the Minster itself dating back to 933AD. Seeing 1.9 million being invested into the area from the National Lottery Heritage Fund is so exciting to see! The park itself features signs with the original street names carved into them, bringing a little piece of local history back to the city. There are also some informative signs to be added to the space, which will educate about the former streets and the history that was once here.

I walk through this park very often and have watched it transform over the last year. The improvement not just to this space, but the city as a whole it has made is surreal.

There are plenty places to sit and enjoy the space!

The area around the park is readily overlooked, and now with the improvements to the green space, I hope this is somewhere people can walk and sit, and feel safe. There is also talk of this space being used for local events which will be interesting to see.

If you’re in the town and want somewhere to sit and escape the hustle and bustle of the city, then Minster Park is a perfect spot to unwind!

Sources: Sunderland City Council
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Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy our new green space, as much as me!

Stay Safe, and Happy Adventuring!


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