Anyone who knows me, will know that I take so many photos of food and drinks. It’s honestly a bad habit because I can’t eat anything that looks good until I take a photo. And it it needs flash, then the whole restaurant is gonna know that I’m taking a photo of my food and I don’t even care.

Anyway, I thought I might as well put these photos to good use and pull together some of my European favourites. So here are my 10 Favourite food and drinks to try while on European Adventures. And get ready to drool over all the food porn!

Belgian Waffles
Quite frankly, if you go to Belgium and don’t try a waffle, you’ve done it wrong. They are amazing and so cheap. Sometimes as cheap as 1 euro. And it feels like every other shop is selling them! My personal favourite toppings are whipped cream and some kind of chocolatey sauce. However, strawberry’s and cream would also make an amazing topping too.

Italian Ice cream
I promise these wont all be dessert based…
However ice cream in Italy for some reason is incredible. It so tasty and they have some amazing flavours. Another good thing is that it’s available everywhere. There are so many shops and stalls selling ice cream and it’s pretty fairly priced. You can always tell which ones sell the best ice cream as they are always the ones with a queue out the door!

More Ice Cream,Krakow, Poland
This is the last dessert, I promise. The ice cream in the photo below (on the left) is the most amazing ice cream I’ve ever tasted. The chocolate swirl tasted like nutella and the cream swirl tasted of vanilla custard. If you ever visit Krakow you absolutely have to try this bizarre ice cream because, I still think about it on the daily.

Belgian Fries
So you might be thinking I’ve gotten confused with ‘french fries’. However, there is lore that it was in fact the Belgians that invented fries. Personally, I think the fries in Belgium are among the best I’ve ever tasted. I would definitely recommend trying them and comparing them to other fries you’ve had to see who is the best! I’d always have mine covered in Mayo.

Currywurst, Germany
Germany is famous for many food and drink related things. Oktoberfest with its large steins and strong beer, schnitzel which I will be going into further on in this blog and of course, German sausage. Bratwurst, Frankfurter and my personal favourite Currywurst. Back before I went vegetarian (BV) some of my favourite German street food were the various sausages on offer. They’re so cheap and readily available in most German cities, especially the capital, Berlin. They’re ideal if you’re travelling on a budget and they’re of course a huge part of German culture.

Tony’s Chocolonely, Amsterdamn
What can I say about Tony’s chocolate. Well, it uses fair trade ingredients and is completely slave free. And it is simply incredible to eat. It’s produced by a dutch company and we first discovered it while ‘sampling the local produce’ in Amsterdam. Honestly its never tasted as good as it did that day, but it is still amazing. They’ve just brought it to the UK and its now available in our local Sainsburry’s so if anyone from the UK wants to try it, and I implore you do, you can grab one from there. It’s sort of what I imagined the chocolate from Willy Wonka to taste like.

Pork Schnitzel, Germany
I have roughly mentioned this as a staple of German cuisine. It is essentially, a boneless cut of pork covered in breadcrumbs and then fried. Again, BV this was one of my favourite things to eat when abroad. Its not only served in Germany, we have found it in many of their neighbouring countries as it is so delicious. Next time you see it on the menu, you must try it.

Black Balsam, Riga
Some places have unique drinks that make somewhere famous. Riga has its Black Balsam Liqueur. It can be drank in many ways, sometime watered down with water or soda or even served with ice. When we tried it, we had it the in the most common way, neat. At 45%, it’s fair to say it kept us warm on the cold walk back to our apartment. I’d really recommend trying it if you’re ever in that neck of the woods!

Candy, Salzburg Autria
Salzburg, Austria, is most famous for two things. It was the birthplace of Mozart, and it’s the city in which The Sound of Music was based. Tourists flock to the city to become inspired by the rich history of the city. Since then, two main edible treats have been born. Mozartkugel (Mozart balls) and hard candy, a little like candy rock. The Mozartkugel is made of nougat and marzipan and then covered in dark chocolate. They’re really just a touristy treat but they are fairly delicious. My favourite of the two was the hard candy, and in many shops in the city they had regular demonstrations showing you how they were made.

Italian Coffee
Traditional Italian coffee is what is more commonly known as an Espresso Coffee. It was the Italians who started to produce coffee in the way we do today. By grinding the beans and filtering hot water through the grind to produce the strong espresso. The Italians will drink it like this and not be phase by how strong it is. Personally, I prefer mine watered down with hot milk to make a Latte.

A fun fact for you all. During the second World War, American solders based in Italy found their espressos too strong and asked them to be watered down to make it more drinkable. This is why the Americano got its name. Coffee in Italy is like no other country. Its smooth and strong and sweet all at the same time. Once you try it, Starbucks will be ruined for you.

Those are my favourites. Have you tried any of these or, do you have any favourites to recommend?



  1. Sorry for the comments overload – but a few items to add, Burek in Zagreb, Kelten and particularly Mohn Kelten at Naschmarkt, Vienna, Melange (what the world tries to call Cappuccino) at Frauenhuber, Vienna and Cream cake at Bled Castle, Slovenia. 🤣🤣

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