Going for long walks on a Sunday is a great way to spend the day. Getting plenty of fresh air and exercise before going back to work on Monday is just perfect. However, in the winter finding a suitable and safe place to do so can be difficult. If you read my blog from our walk up the Cheviot Hills (which you can read here if you missed it), you’ll know what I mean! That’s why I wanted to put together a list of some perfect places to go walking and have a lovely day out in winter.

When searching for a good place to go walking in winter, the main things I look for are; is it fairly covered if it rains; is there a fairly solid path (again referring back to the Cheviot hills disaster); is it close to the car in case it rains, or are their toilets/some kind of civilisation to get hot food or coffee in case it’s freezing. As you can tell, the weather is a huge influence and I don’t like being cold or/and wet! Therefore, all the places on this list fit into at least some of these aspects.

Hamsterley Forest, County Durham

Hamsterley Forest absolutely fits all the criteria for a wintery walk. Even in bad weather, the path is sturdy and easy to walk on, the toilets are open, the cafe is open for taking out. And of course, it’s a forest and is covered (depending on which route you take) for the most part. Hamsterley is a pretty safe bet, and always such a good day out.

The river on the valley floor

I wrote a full guide for visiting Hamsterley forest with all the information such as postcode, parking costs and open times in another post which you can view HERE.

Bolam Lake Country Park, Northumberland

We visited Bolam Lake in the summer of 2020 (between lockdowns). The walk here is much like Hamsterley where you pick and choose how far and long you walk. The lake itself is about 1 mile around and is pushchair/wheelchair accessible. However, you could do what we did and go for a long walk in the surrounding areas to make more of the day. Thankfully, the toilets are open, and it appears that parking is free right now too which is always a bonus.

Bolam Lake

Again, my blog post about our hike has the postcode as well as other information you might need for visiting which you can read HERE!

Northumberland Coast

The Northumberland coast is full of beautiful places to go walking. Many of which offer towns or villages with takeaway cafes and fish and chips to warm you up, and most importantly public toilets. However, I only recommend visiting on a day with light wind. The coast here is fairly flat and if the wind is strong you’re going to get hammered by it!

The Farne islands off the coast at Bamburgh Beach

There are a number of options here, so you can take your pick. I have a few blog posts which might help you decide. The main places you really should visit along here are Beadnell, Bamburgh and Seahouses or Craster and Dunstanburgh Castle. In the relative blog posts, you can find postcodes and other information.

Raby Castle, County Durham

Raby Castle was our first post-lockdown adventure this summer. Now when I read back through the blog post I wrote, the taste of freedom is so prominent. If only I knew then how things would be 6 months later… (or 18 months later, updating it now in December 2021!)

Raby Castle

However, recent photos from Raby castle grounds show that they have added a lot of Christmas decorations and displays to the garden area which will make for a really cute day out. There are toilets here, as well as a refreshment stand and plenty of space to sit which are both open.

My blog on Raby Castle has all the details you need to plan your visit which you can read HERE!

Beamish Museum, County Durham

Under the current government guidance, Beamish is very much an outdoor museum as the indoor exhibits are closed. However, the toilets are open, as are the food outlets. The trams that run around the site make it ideal for wheelchair accessibility. However, the walk around the museum is not too bad for children to manage.

1940’s town, Beamish Museum

My favourite thing about beamish is the nostalgia I get when I visit as it is somewhere we always visited on school trips. My blog post from our visit back in January 2020 is full of the up to date information you need to plan a visit which you can read HERE!

Kielder Forrest, Northumberland

Kielder is such a big beautiful place, I never feel like I have seen it all even after however many times I have visited. It fits all the criteria but feels the wildest and the most like a proper countryside adventure of all the spots on this list.

The reservoir next to the visitor centre

Despite the number of times I have been, a blog post about Kielder has never amounted, yet… So you will have to find out the information for yourself! Just kidding, imagine if I left it at that!!

HERE is an official trail guide. There is a great number to choose from depending on where you park, and how long you want to walk for which makes it ideal for people of all abilities.

Plessey Woods, Northumberland

Again, for some reason, Plessey Woods never got a blog post. If that doesn’t show what kind of determined committed blogger I am then I don’t know what will…

Plessey woods is an ideal place to go if you have small people! There is a huge pay area at the entrance and in the summer when we visited it was heaving! It’s the perfect place for a short walk and a picnic. Entry to the woods is free, you simply pay to park.

Parking costs;
Up to 2 hours – £1.60
Over 2 hours – £3
The machine also takes cards, for people like me who never have cash!

Postcode: NE22 6AN

The river through the woods

The walk around the woods isn’t too long or strenuous, so if you’re after something pretty chill, this is perfect. It will also be great for splodging in the river in the summer too!

Roker to Whitburn Seafront, Sunderland

I have mentioned this in another post about the top 5 places for daily walks in Sunderland. And I believe it to be one of the best places to go walking in the northeast (not biased at all….). Along our coastline, there are numerous places to park, enjoy takeout coffee (many of which are on this list of the best in Sunderland) and other food outlets, and most importantly take in the beautiful coastline.

Roker Pier and Beach

The walk along is pretty easy going and most importantly you can choose how long you walk for, making it another one that’s perfect for everyone!

Durham Heritage Coast, County Durham

My recent blog post about the heritage coast got loads of views and everyone seemed to enjoy it, which is why I popped it in this list. However it doesn’t have toilets outside of Seaham under normal restrictions and right now, I’m not sure there are any even open there. The path is also not perfectly sturdy, I’d imagine in very wet weather the path may get quite claggy.

Blast Beach, Seaham

However it is partially covered, again depending on far you walk. And the views are just spectacular. You can read my blog post all about it HERE, postcodes and other information you need is all there!

Tynemouth, North Tyneside

I last visited Tynemouth in the spring but would love to go back sometime soon as I want to see the market at the metro station. The main reason I have added it to this list is for the Snowman and Snowdog trail available this winter. I suggested this to my family for a day out and the message just got ignored by all! I was really serious about going but, my family completely disagreed. You can find info on the trail HERE.

Tynemouth Beach

I do have a full guide here on my blog full of the best places to eat, drink and park. However, it isn’t covered so if it rains you’re gonna get wet. Although there is a pretty good path along the coast and you can always walk through the town itself.

Well, that’s my top 10 places to go in the winter. I hope you have found somewhere on this list for you. Please stay safe while exploring the northeast and always check government websites to stay up to date with current advice before travelling!

Stay Safe and Happy Adventuring

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