Looking out over the lake

Happy New Year to everyone, hope you all enjoyed the festivities. Its been a hot minute since I last posted a blog, and I do feel I’ve done a lot of damage by not finishing the blog series from our November Backpacking trip. However, patience will be rewarded and I finally feel ready (and have some spare time) to finish what I started back in November. So, here is everything I would recommend for a wintry day on Lake Bled.

Like many tourists, we took the bus from Ljubljana bus station. If I remember correctly, it cost around 15 euros for a return ticket and the bus took around an hour and 40 minutes. The bus dropped us off in the town of Bled which is very small and has no public toilets, which I learned the hard way at the end of the day.

From here, it was a short walk up to castle which brings us to the first recommendation.

1. Absolutely pay to go into the castle!

View from the Castle

No, its not amazing in terms of medieval historical artefacts and in depth history. But you do get perhaps on of the better views of the lake. It cost maybe 12 euros each and was worth it for the viewing platforms.

By the time we got here, it was dinner time and we were STARVING. We decided to eat in the castle restaurant which brings me to my second recommendation;

2. Don’t eat in the castle (when on a budget)

Squash Risotto with Sprouts and some other stuff.

I mean the food was astonishingly beautiful and we had a seat in the floor to ceiling window with a view of the lake. But my goodness, it was expensive. This was the most expensive meal of our entire trip. I just think we could have had a meal that was just as nice and half the price down the hill in Bled town. Shaun was almost in tears when he payed the bill.

After remortgaging our house to cover the cost of our meal, we decided to walk round the lake. Not being sure of which way to go, we headed back down in Bled and around the bottom end. This did give us spectacular views of both the church on the central island and the castle we had just visited.

The walk around the lake was beautiful however it was wet and muddy to here comed my third recomendation.

3. Dress accordingly

View from the far side of the lake

The weather was grey and misty. the paths were wet and in some cases muddy. We also regularly got splashed by passing cars as we walked on paths by the side of the road. so definitely bear that in mind. An umbrella was also a great hit for us.

My final recommendation might be an obvious one but one that cannot be stressed enough.

4. Take all the photographs and videos


Lake Bled is beautiful. When we were there, the low clouds did hinder our view of the scenery. However it was still worth visiting in the bad weather. I would like to go back either on a clear day of even in the summer to truly experience it. Nonetheless, I really enjoyed our wintry adventure to Lake Bled.

For those of you who have stuck by me over the last month of no interaction, I just want to thank you for your support. Its been a busy December with lots going on at work and in my private life. But one of my new years resolutions is to work on my life balance between work, uni, spending time with friends and family and of course blogging.

I’d love to hear about your new years resolutions/ planned adventures for the year or just how you’re doing!


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