Chilli mangoes is a relatively new addition to the Sunderland Restaurant scene. They opened in June 2020 and I can only imagine how difficult it was to open at that time! But it has taken Sunderland foodies by storm and has become one of those must-visit places in the city. So I finally got round to visiting, and here’s what I thought.

Chillie Mangoes

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So, let’s get into it!

Where is Chilli Mangoes?

For me, it has been one of those places I have been meaning to visit for a little while however, I wasn’t sure where it actually was. And I was a little surprised to find that it is just outside of the city centre, and is next to Software City behind the Winter Gardens.

Address: 11 Tavistock Pl, Hendon, Sunderland SR1 1PB

The good thing about this place, if you’ve never been before then you literally cannot miss it as the outside is decorated so beautifully! I absolutely love the artwork on the building!!

Chilli Mangoes

The fact that it is just a little away from the main shopping areas and is still so successful proves just how good the food is and that it is worth the walkout to visit it!

It also has pretty good opening hours as it’s open 17:00 – 22:30 every day of the week!

Chilli Mangoes

Do I need to book Chilli Mangoes?

We visited on a Friday night and I always try and book restaurants as someone who works in the industry I know how helpful having some numbers in mind can be. So I messaged on Facebook and got booked straight in, which led me to think that it would be a quiet night in the restaurant. But I am so glad we did as it was heaving! If we had just turned up we might not have got in!

So I would highly recommend booking your table!

They have a reservation system on their website which you can view here. Or I dropped them a message over on their Facebook which also worked.

Chilli Mangoes Menu

It has to be said that the menu at Chilli Mangoes is massive! They have so many options on here it’s insane!

Chilli Mangoes Menu
Chilli Mangoes Menu

You can also have a look on their website at their menu if you want a better look at it.

Their South Indian street food is what they are most popular for and it is what they boast as their unique selling point. There were so many good looking things on this part of the menu, but we were starving so we went for the 5 choices set meal!

We started with poppadoms but added an extra two on and went for a tray of pickles too. These came out before our drinks arrived which wasn’t an issue for us, but just be aware of it.

Chilli Mangoes

We then had our starters which came pretty quickly. Shaun went for their chicken tikka starter which looked delicious! I opted for their onion bhaji which was amazing. As a vegetarian, there weren’t a lot of options for my starter but I do love an onion bhaji so I cannot complain.

Starter from Chilli Mangoes

There was a pretty long wait between our starter and our main course. It took a little over 45 minutes for the mains to arrive, and given the fact that we had just stuffed ourselves with starters and poppadoms, it was good to have a little break. The only reason we noticed it had been a long time was that we had to be somewhere after and had only allowed 2 hours for the meal. We also finished our drinks and there was no one coming over to take more orders until they delivered our food and even then it took until we were halfway through our food for them to arrive.

The food was worth the wait though, and as I say the break did mean we were hungry and ready for the next course.

We both went for garlic pilau rice and then got a garlic naan and chips to share. For the main, Shaun had the Chicken Jalfrezi, and I the vegetable Rogan Josh. Every single piece of this set meal was incredible. I do think this was the best garlic naan I have ever had! And as for the curry itself, it was so good. And Shaun absolutely demolished his entire plate so the jalfrezi must be just as good!

Chilli Mangoes

In Summary

The 5 item set menu was such great value for money! Our total bill did come to £43 ish. £24 of that was on the set menu, and the rest was made up of the £4 supplement for Shaun’s jalfrezi, the tray of pickles and drinks. But if you didn’t add those extras on I do this £11.99 for all the food we had as individuals really isn’t bad at all!

After visiting, I can see why it has all the hype around it. And it does deserve it as the food was incredible! My only issue with it is that there seemed to be a slight disconnect between the bar and the restaurant as drinks were taking a long time for everyone. However, I did notice some people were going straight to the bar to order their drinks so if you are a thirsty person, take this into consideration.

Overall, we really enjoyed our meal at Chilli Mangoes and I will definitely be going back! If you haven’t been yet and want to know is it worth the hype? Yes, it is, without a doubt. But if you are wanting to visit, I would maybe opt for a weekday when, in theory, it might be a little quieter.

Overall Rating (out of 5):
Atmosphere: 5
Service: 4
Food: 5
Will I go back? Yes

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Stay Safe and Happy Eating!

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