There is so much I could say in this introductory paragraph to introduce my home city, and nothing would do it justice. I hold Sunderland on a very high pedestal and feel incredibly fortunate that I was born and raised a Mackem through and through. I hope that in the following posts, I do it justice.

Top 5 Places for Daily Walks in Sunderland

One of the highlights of my day right now are going for daily walks. With the current restrictions, we are able to leave our house and drive somewhere ‘local’ for exercise. Sunderland has so many beautiful places to explore and this lockdown is giving us the perfect opportunity to do so. (Click here to read more)

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40+ Places for Daily Walks in and around Sunderland

Another lockdown means more daily walks. This post is full of over 40 places in and around Sunderland for you to explore!

Takeout Restaurants and Cafes in Sunderland

Within this post I want to do my part to support local businesses who are still open and need your business now, more than ever! So here is a list of places in Sunderland who are offering takeaway;(Click here to read more)

Minster Park, Sunderland City Centre

Built on the grounds where busy city centre streets once thrived, the former Town Park has been revitalised in a year long project and transformed into a green space to be enjoyed. Minster park is the final step in the Bishopwearmouth Townscape Heritage Scheme, completing the project. (Click here to read more)

Best Local/Independent Coffee Shops in Sunderland

Adventure to a Local Hidden Gem

Just a stones throw from our house is a tremendous hidden gem; Ryhope Beach. We first visited on the 1st January this year, and if we knew then what we know now, the tone of this post would be very different! (Click here to read more)

Twin Mill Route, Whitburn to Cleadon

Whitburn and Cleadon Mills are both tremendous parts of our heritage here in the North East. Taking advantage of a sunny day, this post follows an ideal route to walk between the two as well as my top tips on how to visit!

Places to explore near Sunderland City Centre

More daily walking spots, however all of these are within 3 miles walking distance of the city centre. Perfect for anyone living in close proximity to the city.

This page will be updated with every new adventure!