Sunderland Eats

Our little city in the North is full of amazing restaurants, cafes and coffee shops. I want to use this post to celebrate them all and bring the best ones to your attention!

Coffee from Holmeside Coffee
Takeaway Restaurants and Cafes in Sunderland during Lockdown

Lockdown has been very hard on local businesses. This post helps compile all the ones currently offering takeaway.

Grinder Coffee in Barnes Park
Best Local and Independent Coffee Shops in Sunderland

Coffee is one of life’s greatest pleasures. It’s even better when it comes from one of our amazing local coffee shops!

Valentines Cookie from Piece of me Bakes
AD|Gifted Valentine’s Day Giant Cookie from Piece of me Bakes

Piece of me bakes were kind enough to gift me this amazing giant cookie. Have a look at this post and see what else they offer.

Takeaway Sunday Lunches in Sunderland

Being able to go for Sunday Lunch is something I am really missing right now. However, a great number of places in Sunderland are offering a takeaway version of this British classic.

Takeout Restaurants and Cafes in Sunderland

Supporting local restaurants that have adapted to the pandemic is crucial right now.

Acropolis Street Food
The STACK Seaburn

One of the best assets in the city, and well worth a visit when you can!

Pancake Day 2021 in Sunderland

Fancying pancakes? Check out this list of everywhere serving pancakes for Pancake day 2021

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