Every year Sunderland BID host Restaurant Week twice, once in the spring, and once again in the winter. Every time they host this event, there seem to be more and more restaurants joining the party, making it more popular and giving us so many more options. So if there is a restaurant or two in Sunderland that you are yet to try, this could be a great chance to do so for a bargain!

Any restaurant can sign up and offer deals from £5, £10 or £15 which I think are great prices. And although the portions maybe a little smaller, it will still give you a great idea of what the restaurant is like.

Starting from Saturday 12th March to Sunday 20th March, you have the choice of 50 restaurants across Wearside to visit and sample! I will be linking all the places that are taking part down below to their page on the Restaurant Week website for you which has many of the menus for each place and also the place where you can download your voucher. You MUST download your voucher and present it before you order in these restaurants.

And make sure you book too as a lot of places are already filling up!

So here is a full list of everyone taking part in Restaurant Week:

No 2 Church Lane

No 2 Church Lane are what I would consider being the best burger place in the city. For restaurant week they have a great offer:
£10 for smash burger and sea salt fries
£10 for a churchy fried chicken burger and sea salt fries
£10 for vegan burger and sea salt fries
£15 for any of the above with any starter
Upgrades available.

Their menu is available on the BID site where you can download your voucher for visiting too.

No 2 Church Lane Burgers

They are only offering this deal between Sunday -Thursday so if you do want to visit get booked in soon.

808 Bar and Kitchen

I will be visiting on Friday night so I will update this and let you all know what the food is like. Be sure to follow me on Instagram to see how it goes! They are well known for their tapas which are included in one of the deals so I am excited to try them. Here are their offers:

£10 for any 2 tapas and a side 
£10 for any pizza and a side
£15 for any 4 tapas 

You can have a look at their full menu here on the BID website and download your voucher from there too.

Angelos Ristorante

I went to Angelos for the first time last year and it was a pretty nice Italians. For restaurant week they have created a small sample menu that gives you a taste of some of their best dishes. I do think their full menu has a great deal more to offer than the one they have put together for Restaurant week, but it is worth a visit regardless.

Their offer is £15 for a two-course special from the menu they have put together. You can view the menu on the BID website and download your voucher from there too.

They won’t be offering this on Sunday 20th so if you do want to go, then get in quick.


It has been years since I visited Asiana, I mean possibly 10 years! But their restaurant week offer is perhaps one of the best on this list.

They have created a 2-course menu which will cost you £15. They have 5 starters and 5 main options but the mains have different meat/veggie options and most come with egg fried rice. If I wasn’t already going out for my tea twice this week I would defiantly be adding it to the list!

You can view the menu in full and download the voucher here on the BID website.

Brew and Bake

I am still to visit this new cafe which is located in the new City Hall on the former Vaux site. They are one of the places on this list offering a £5 deal.

£5 for one of the following premium sandwiches and a regular hot drink of your choice. 
– Maple & Mustard Ham Stottie
– Tomato, Basil & Mozzarella Ciabatta
– Tuna Melt Ciabatta
– Chicken, Mango & Chilli Chutney Baguette
– Curried Chickpea Salad in a Tomato Focaccia

Although this one does look amazing, it is only open on weekdays right now, so if you are wanting to visit you must do so Monday – Friday. You can download your voucher here on the BID website.


Sometimes I think I have been to everywhere in Sunderland, but this place keeps popping up on my feed. So it is definitely somewhere I need to try when I get the chance.

Their offer allows you to pick any burger or dog from their main menu, with fries and a soft drink or bottle of beer for £15.

You can view their full menu on their Facebook page and download your voucher to visit from the BID page. Burger is only open Thursday – Saturday so keep this in mind when planning your visit.

Cafe 1851

Cafe 1851 is one of the businesses that have set up shop within the recently developed Mackies Corner. The entire unit looks absolutely incredible. Despite this, I haven’t been to a single one of them! I know it’s shocking.

They seem to have a great variety on their menu. However, their restaurant week offer is a little limited in my opinion:

£15 for 2 portions of pasta and 2 plain garlic breads

I say it’s limited as there are only 3 pasta options on their main menu. Unless I am looking at the wrong one? Have a look for yourself here on their Facebook. You can also download your voucher for visiting here on the BID site. Cafe 1851 are only running this deal until Saturday 19th too so keep this in mind when booking.

Chilli Mangoes

Now, this is somewhere I have been, and I went very recently. If you do want to go you can check out my review here on Mackem Life. I had such a good time I’m going back this week for restaurant week!

Their offer is very similar to what I had when I visited but for an extra few quid, you get a drink too.

£15 for a starter, main, rice, naan or chips, popadom, and a soft drink or pint of larger or cider. 

Chilli Mangoes

You can download your voucher from the Sunderland BID site here.


Enfes is somewhere that is so regularly recommended but I haven’t tried it! I really must go visit and during this restaurant week could be a great chance too because they have one of the better deals on this list.

They are offering a full 3-course meal for £15.

You can have a look at their menu and download the voucher over on the BID page here. They won’t be offering this on Saturday, but it is available between 12 pm – 9.30 pm on Tuesday to Friday and Sunday 4pm – 9pm.


Gatsby is not somewhere I would have ever thought of as a place to eat in. I didn’t even know they did food until seeing them on this list. However, they have a pretty good deal for this week if you want to give it a go.

2 Courses for £10, and 3 courses for £15

The menu is a little small as shown below but you’re getting a good deal on the prices for this one.

Gatsby’s Menu

You can download the voucher for visiting on the BID Site. Please also note that they won’t be offering this on Sunday 20th.

Grannie Annies

Grannie Annies is a great looking pub down in Roker. I haven’t been since it was taken over, but it is on my list! In the summer I imagine its a great place to sit and have a drink in the sun!

The menu they are offering is a little small with only 3-4 options per course but it does look to contain some classic pub options so what more could you ask for?

They are offering 3 courses for £15

You can download the voucher and have a look at the menu over on the BID Site. This offer will not be available over the weekend so keep that in mind.

Grosvenors Casino

This is another place that I had no idea did food. A few weeks ago I was invited to the Sunderland BID Restaurant week event and this place was on the list of places to go. The group did split up so I never got here but the rest of the group said the food was pretty good. The one thing they did point out is that you had to be signed up in order to go in. So if you only want to go for the food then keep that in mind.

Their offers are:

£5 for any Signature Fries 

£10 for any Pizza and a Pint 

£15 for Rump Steak (with Fries, Onion Rings and Ceasar salad side and steak sauce) and a Pint 

You can download your voucher for visiting them over on the Sunderland BID website.

Hotel Chocolat

Everyone is talking about the Hotel Chocolat hot chocolate velvetiser (which costs £100!!!). But if you don’t want to pay that for a one you can do at home, you can go and get a hot chocolate and a brownie from the shop in town for just £5. I am so tempted by this one I might find time to treat myself!

If you’re in town this weekend or just passing through this one is definitely one you cant pass up! You can download your voucher over on the BID site here.

House of Zen

I haven’t been to House of Zen in so long! I am definitely overdue for a visit. And their restaurant week menu looks amazing!

Their offer is for 2 courses for £15. I think they have plenty of options on the menu and a bit of everything so I do think it’s one of the better ones on this list.

You can have a look at their menu and download your voucher over on the BID website. This is only between 4pm to 6pm and excludes Saturday to keep that in mind.

Laywawas Cafe

Before writing this post I had never heard of this place. But it has a load of offers and a big menu so it might be worth checking out.

£5 for breakfast bap/ toastie and drink or cake 

£5 for any kids meal and drink or cake 

£10 for LayWawas award-winning burger meal 

£10 for a main course and starter or dessert from the regular menu 

£15 for 3 courses from the regular menu 

£15 for LayWawas award-winning burger plus any drink or dessert 

Their full menu and download for the voucher are up on the BID website.

Let there be Crumbs/Poetic Licence

Let there be Crumbs is another one of those places that I’ve been meaning to try but never got round to. It seems like their offer is the same at Poetic Licences. They have two offers depending on whether you go for lunch or tea:

£10 for Lunch Offer for 2 Course 

£15 for Dinner Offer for 3 Course

Their menu is a little small and I would struggle to visit as there is nothing on it I like, but it could be a great chance for someone to try it.

You can view their menus and download your voucher on the BID site.

Lucky Cat Boba

I absolutely love Boba! For those who don’t know what it is, it’s a drink. You can either get a milk drink (like a milkshake) or a tea (which is like juice). With both of them, you add flavoured bubbles which pop when you drink them, or little jelly cubes with you eat while you drink. For some, they really don’t like it, but I really do and would recommend it to anyone!

For restaurant week, Lucky Cat bob is offering a £15 deal where you get two large bubble teas and two bubble waffles!

Lucky Cat Boba

If you are planning on visiting, then I would highly recommend the melon milk teas with the tropical flavoured bubbles as it is an amazing combination!

You can download the voucher over on the BID site and see what flavoured bubble waffles you can choose from!

Port of Call

If you don’t follow me on Instagram, then it will be news to you that Port of Call is one of my favourite places to eat out! I really think it’s the best bar in Sunderland too as it’s just got such a welcoming and friendly atmosphere all the time.

Their restaurant week offer is £15 for 2-course meal. The menu is pretty good too and I do think it captures the best of the place and what they are offering. You can see the menu and download your voucher over on the BID website. This offer is only running at POC until Friday night so keep that in mind.

Port of Call, Sunderland

Port of Call, Seaham

The Port of Call in Seaham is also a part of Sunderland’s restaurant week! If more places in Seaham joined in it would be great for the event!

The menu for Seahams POC is similar to the Sunderland one but has its own twist on it. They also have a slightly different deal:

£10 for a 1-course meal 

£15 for a 2-course meal

You can view the menu and download your voucher over on the BID site. They are also only running the event until Friday the 18th and not offering it over the weekend.

Prego Bar and Eatery

Prego is Sunderlands’ newest restaurant down in Seaburn on the former Martinos site. I was invited to their opening night and you can read my full review of it here on Mackem Life.

They have a pretty great deal on as they are offering two courses from their full menu for £10. If you’re yet to try it then this is a great opportunity to do so for pretty cheap!

Prego Bar and Eatery

You can see their full menu and download the voucher for it over on the BID site. The only downside to this offer is that they are only running this until Thursday! SO you gotta be quick to get in!

Seaburn Bay

With Seaburn Bay, I genuinely had never heard of it and had to google where it was for this list! For those who don’t know, it’s just along from Little Italy on the coast road. If you have been before I am curious to know if it’s any good! But I guess that is the purpose of Restaurant Week, it’s to discover new places!

Their deals are pretty good ones:

£5 for any kid’s meal 

£10 for cod and chips, includes a soft drink 

£15 for a seafood platter 

Their menu is very seafood orientated so if you like seafood this could be a great place to try. And you are getting a good deal on that seafood platter too!

You can view the full menu and download your voucher for visiting over on the BID site.

Seaburn Inn

The Seaburn Inn is the new hotel located on the site next door to The Stack. The restaurant in there has been ranted and raved about many times with people highly recommending it to me. And of course, I still haven’t been (I am very behind the curve on this one!).

Their offers are:

£5 for a dessert 

£15 for starter and main

Unfortunately, their menu is nowhere to be seen! On the BID site, it says it is coming soon, and I cannot find it anywhere on their socials. So I guess you’ll have to take a gamble with this one! So if you’re feeling lucky, you can download their voucher on the BID site. This offer ends on Friday the 18th too so keep that in mind.

Six Pierpoint

Six is one of the more luxurious restaurants in the city which I think may mean people have never been. But their restaurant week offer will give people a great chance to try one of their more popular menu options for a great price – their cheese or charcuterie boards.

Their full deals are:

£5 for any Tea or Coffee and Selected Cakes 
£5 for any Tea or Coffee and Homemade Jam and Whipped Double Cream on Toast with Homemade Granola 
£10 for 2x Soup of the Day served with Cheese on Toast
£15 for a Cheese Board or Charcuterie Board and a glass of wine or a glass of Prosecco 

SIX Pierpoint

You can download their full menu over on the BID website.

Spent Grain

Spent Grain is another more luxurious restaurant in Sunderland which is fairly new to the city still having opened last year. Just after it opened I went and reviewed it which you can read here on Mackem Life. That post remains one of my most viewed posts!

Their restaurant week deals are pretty good:

£10 for 2 brunch items 

£15 for 2 Spent Grain breakfasts 

£15 for 2 course from the lunch menu

Spent Grain Sunderland

You can have a look at the menu and download your voucher here on the BID website.

Seaburn Bowl

If you have been looking for a date night or a family trip somewhere then this could be a great one for you, as Sunderland Bowl are offering any of their sharing boards which feed up to 4 people for £15.

You can view their menu and download your voucher from the Sunderland BID website.

Sunderland Greyhound Stadium

Yes you read that right, the Greyhound Stadium is a part of Resturant Week! They are offering a two course meal for £10 on Thursday of this week.

You can view the menu and download the voucher for it on the BID site.

Tequila Tequila

Tequila Tequila (So good they named it twice) was one of the restaurants that we visited during the Restaurant Week press event a few weeks ago and I was pleasantly surprised by the place. The manager and owner were both incredibly welcoming and we had such a good laugh too!

They also gave us a tour and showed us the upstairs and beer garden of Hidden at the back which I think is going to be a great place in the summer!

Their restaurant week offer is a really good one:

£5 for any of the following starters – Breaded Mushrooms, Loaded Potato Skins (V), Tequila Tequila BBQ Wings or Hot Wings, Jalepenos and Loaded Nachos (V) )

£10 for a starter and one of the following mains – Taco, Enchilada, Fajita, Nacho Libre Pizza, Burritos ( Choice of fillings = Classic Chicken, Beef Chilli, Roast Vegetable (V), Five Bean Chilli (V)

£15 for a starter, main, 1 Soft Drink including Tea or Coffee and 1 of the following Dessert options – Hot Chocoloate Fudge Cake or 3 Scoops of vanilla Ice Cream

Tequila Tequila

You can see the full menu over on the BID site and downloadable voucher is there too.

The Keel Lounge

Everytime I walk past this I mean to try it but it always looks so busy! They have a few different offers for Restaurant Week:

£5 for panini & pot of tea or coffee 

£5 for toasty & pot of tea or coffee 

£5  for sponge cake & custard / cream with pot of tea or coffee 

£10  for 2 Full English breakfasts and pot of tea of coffee for (Breakfast served until 11.30am)

£15 for 2 main meals & 2 pots of tea or coffee

You can download the voucher over on the BID website but I couldn’t find the menu anywhere.

The Looking Glass

The Looking Glass was another restaurant that was part of the Restaurant Week press night and I think it was my favourite place to visit. The food was definately my favourite of the night! And it was my first time visiting and I have to say the place itself was beautiful. Definately somewhere I will visit again!!

The Looking Glass
Sunderland Restaurant Week

Their offers are:

£10 for any main and a side 

£15 for any 2 burgers 

The menu for it is below.

The Looking Glass Menu
The Looking Glass Menu

You can download their voucher from the Sunderland BID website. Make sure you book this one as booking is required!

The Old Vestry

This is another place I hadn’t heard of until seeing them on this list. But this italians in the city centre has a good looking menu and offer for you:

£10 for 2 meals served between 12 pm – 5 pm

£15 for a 3 course, evening set menu 

You can have a look at the menu and download the voucher on the BID website.

The Palm

The Palm or Liberty Browns as it is listed on the Restaurant Week menu has a really good looking menu on offer for this week and at great prices too:

£10 for 2 courses

£15 for 3 courses

You can view the menu in full and download your voucher on the BIDs website.

The Stack Seaburn

The vendors in The Stack are taking part in what they’ve called #FiverFest whereby the various vendors are doing a load of deals for £5. You need to order with each individual vendor for this and show them their unique voucher. However below I have listed all of the vendors and their offers along with the links to the voucher downloads.


£5 for Sweet and Sour Belly Pork topped fries

£5 for Posh Loaded Fries (Chicken or Halloumi)

£5 for 2x Brownies 

#PoshStreetFood Voucher

Acroplis Greek Food

Acropolis Greek Food

£5 for Greek Salad

£5 for Special Fries

£5 for Kid’s Box

Acropilis Greek Food Voucher

Bao Down

£5 for Korean Fried Chicken (3 pieces)

£5 for Tofu Katsu Curry with Rice

£5 for Loaded Korean Pork Fries

Bao Down Voucher

Boojie Burger

£5 for a Chicken Burger

£5 for Pulled Pork Dirty Fries

£5 for Mac & Cheese

Boojie Burger Voucher

Big Fat Indian Kitchen

£5 for Big Fat Indian Rolls (Chicken or Paneer)

£5 for Onion Bhaji Pav

£5 for Chicken & Masala Chips

Big Fat Indian voucher

Tacos from Chapos Tacos

Chapos Tacos

£5 for quesadillas (all fillings)

£5 for fajitas (all fillings)

Chapos Tacos voucher

Downeys Fish and Chips

£5 for Small Fish & Chips

£5 for Cod Bites & Chips (3 pieces)

£5 for Large Battered Prawns & Chips (5 pieces)

Downeys voucher

Sushi from Healthy Thaim

Healthy Thaim

£5 for Chicken Infusion Boxes

£5 for Chicken Chinese Curry

£5 for Chicken Salad Box

Healthy Thaim voucher

Holy Duck

£5 for Cheese & Bacon Fries

£5 for a Duck Wrap

£5 for Halloumi Fries

Holy Duck Voucher

So Smooth Co

So Smooth Co

£5 for 2x Smoothies of the Day 

So Smooth Co voucher

The Little Cakery by the Sea

£5 for any 2x Daily Counter items 

The Little Cakery voucher

Yolo Coffee

YOLO Coffee

£5 for Biscoff Waffle 

£5 for Cheese & Bacon Toastie

£5 for Eggs Benedict

YOLO Coffee voucher

Zza Pizza

£5 for large margherita

£5 for a large pepperoni

£5 for large ham & mushroom

Zza Pizza voucher

The Sweet Petite

The Sweet Petite is another business that has set up within Mackies Corner. Although I haven’t been yet I did get to try one of their homemade macarons as part of my Restaurant Week PR trip goodie bag which was amazing! I will definately try and get down ASAP!

Their deals for this week are:

£5 for any signature brownie & large barista coffee 

£15 for any two cheesecakes & two tray Bakes

This deal is available Thursday to Saturday 12.30 – 6pm. You can download the voucher on the BIDs website here.

Topo Gigio Italian Kitchen

This is one italians I haven’t heard of or been too so I cannot say what the food is like. However the menu they have put together looks pretty good and their offer is decent too:

£10 for starter and main

You can see the full menu and download the voucher over on the Sunderland Bid website.



Until we went to Ttonic as the starting point for Restaurant Week press trip a few weeks ago I had no idea they did food. But not only do they do food, but their menu is actually pretty big! They put out a few different pizzas and some of their loaded fries for us. The only thing I could have was the veggie pizza which was pretty good. But the duck pizza looked amazing and the ladies who tried it absolutely loved it!

You can see in the the background of this delicious fishbowl of gin I had!


Their restaurant week offers are pretty good:

£5 for any small pizza and any 330ml bottle

£10 for any large pizza and any two 330ml bottles

£15 for any large pizza, loaded fries, and a bottle of prosecco

You can see their full menu and download your voucher here on The BID Website. Their offer is available between 12 pm – 8 pm.

Venice Italian

Venice Italians is on the outskirts of Sunniside and they are pretty active of social media as I see them popping up on my feed often. I haven’t been yet but if you have please let me know what its like!

Their offers are:

£5 for dessert and coffee or tea 

£10 for Starter and Main (Pizza/ Pasta) 

£10 for Main (Pizza/ Pasta) and Dessert 

£15 for Starter and Main (Chicken/ Fish Dish)

£15 Main (Chicken/ Fish Dish) and Dessert 

The menu they have put together is one of the better ones on this list has it has a great deal to offer! You can view that and download your voucher from the Sunderland BID website.


I have been here for food before and I was pleasantly surprised by it! It is definately better than I was expecting. Their offer is a good one too if you’ve never been before:

£10 for 2 courses from the Restaurant Week menu

Their normal menu is huge but the one they’ve put together for Restaurant Week is still pretty lengthy and has a lot to offer! You can look at it and download your voucher for visiting here on the

Well that’s all of the places that are taking part in Sunderland Restaurant Week. If you have booked up to visit any do let me know how it goes! And if there is anywhere you would want to see joining in next time let me know too.

If you enjoyed this post and want to see more things like this then check out my Sunderland Hospitality page which has loads of restaurant reviews and listicals of places worth visiting.

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Thank your for reading this post and I hope you have found somewhere fun to try!

Stay Safe and Happy Eating!


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