Sunderland to South Tynesides Seafront has 5 main residential areas that up the stretch of coast between the River Wear and the River Tyne. Starting with Roker, we then have Seaburn, Whitburn, Marsden and finally South Shields. These areas make up one of the most beautiful stretches of coast line in the North East, and further United Kingdom. Within this post I will attempt to condense these 5 main areas into one jam packed guide to the seafront!

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This entire stretch of coast is around 7.5 miles long. You could if you so wished, park at one end and walk to the other and back. It is a very long walk, but it could be done. This whole stretch has accessible pavements as well as tracks away from the road so you can pick what you prefer to walk along.


Roker is the first part you will come too when crossing the River Wear. Roker is one of the most popular parts of Sunderland as the coastal area ia incredibly beautiful.

Map of Roker

Parking at Roker

Roker Car Park
Postcode: SR6 0RH

Harbour View Car Park
Postcode: SR6 0RQ

Parking in both car parks is £3 all day or 60p an hour.

Alternativly, you could park at the National Glass Centre car park.
Postcode: SR6 0GL
When this reopens it is a great place to visit! It’s also not very far from St Peters Church which is a fantasic part of Sunderlands History and worth a visit too!

Things to do at Roker

Roker Pier and Lighthouse.
When the pier is open, it is an ideal place to walk down. Not only do you get views of the Lighthouse which in itself is a symbol of Sunderland, you can see right along the coast in both directions. Building started back in 1885 when the cities industry was booming. When the industry declined, the lighhouse was disused and wasn’t very well maintained. Untill 2012 when the pier and lighthouse were restored.

You can also go on a tour which is between 90-120 minutes long. These aren’t running right now due to covid however, keep and eye on thier website for information!

Roker Pier and Lighthouse

Roker Marina.
There is a lovely walk around the marina which is very flat and easy going. It offeres lovely views of the boats docked here and leads perfectly onto the St Peters sculpture trail which goes along the river towards the National Glass Centre. More information about the sculpture trail can be found HERE.

Roker Marina

Roker Park
Roker Park is a very historic park along the coast. It is a really beautiful place to visit all year round and there are often things going on. There is a great play area for children as well as places to sit with a picnic, tennis courts, and a pond. I do have a post all about it here on my blog.

Roker Park

Roker Beach
I have saved the best till last. When visiting Roker, the beach is one of the greatest assets of the whole city. There are benches along the promenade, the beach is nice and sandy so perfect for walking or sitting on, there is a play area for kids and it is right next to a lot of essentials such as toilets and places to grab food/drink.

Roker Beach

Public Toilets in Roker

In the last year I have realised the importance of public toilets with pubs and cafes being closed for some time!

There are some public toilets within the Roker Car Park.
Postcode: SR6 0RH

There are also some on the Promenade next to the Cat and Dog steps.
Postcode: SR6 9NS

Best places to eat/drink in Roker

These are just some of the places that are open. I have linked all their socials on each one so you can find out more about what they serve and open hours etc.


Seaburn is one of the most developed areas along this stretch of coast with Sunderland City Council putting a lot of money into it to try and improve it. There are lots of places to eat/drink and things to do here.

Map of Seaburn

Parking at Seaburn

Compared to Roker, there is less parking availible at Seaburn. There are some spaces along Queens Parade which is the main road along the coast however, there aren’t many and you will need a ticket to park here.

There is a new car park next to The Stack which used to be the fair grounds.
Postcode: SR6 8AA (Not yet on google but this is the best postcode to use)
There are parking charges here however I am unsure on the costs

Or there is the new car park on Dykeland Road (behind Martinos)
Postcode: SR6 8DD (This postcode is for Martinos however the car park is next door)
Costs: £3 all day

Alternatively, you could park in the Morrisons Car Park (I would reccomend the overflow so you aren’t taking a space close to the store away from someone who is actually shopping there). It is free to park here however, there are time limits on parking.

Things to do at Seaburn

Seaburn Beach
Of course, the most popular thing to do here is visit the beach itself. Seaburn beach is always full of walkers, dog walkers and children playing. Dogs are only allowed on some areas of the beach between September-May. There are often people swimming in the sea here (I have no idea how they can face it!) and you will regularly see boats out on the water! In the summer, the beach is littered with people! It is also a great place to watch the sunrise!

Sunrise from Seaburn Beach

Arcades at Seaburn
Seaburn was once a traditional seaside resort and with that came the arcades. Unfortunaly, there aren’t many left and they aren’t in the best condition anymore. I think covid has definately hit them very hard too!

Public Toilets in Seaburn

Public toilets are very few and far between. There are only two official public toilets along the Seaburn stretch of the seafront. One is just next to The Hideout Coffee at the top of the cat and dog steps.
Postcode: SR6 9NS

The other is beside the Old Tram Stop. I am not 100% sure these ones are open just yet though. Hopefully they will be soon!
Postcode: SR6 8DB

Alternatively, there are toilets inside Morrisons at Seaburn. However under current circumstances I don’t think these are open as normal right now.
Postcode: SR6 8AA

Best places to eat/drink in Seaburn

These are just some of the places that are there. I have linked all their socials on each one so you can find out more about what they serve and open hours etc.


Whitburn is the smallest village on this list and is not a huge area. However it has some great features which are definately worth visiting!

Map of Whitburn

Parking in Whitburn

Whitburn Bents Car Park is the main carpark for Whitburn and is in very short distance from the beach and promenade.
Postcode: SR6 7NT

Things to do in Whitburn

Whitburn Windmill
Whitburn Windmill is a really incredible piece of local history. I visited at the start of the year and walked from there up to Cleadon Mill and back. You can read about the route here.

Whitburn Mill

Whitburn beach
The beach at Whitburn is a little more seculded than Seaburn and Roker. There are no lifeguards here and it is a little further from the main road so you have to be safe if you go swimming. Nonetheless, it is a great hidden gem along this stretch of coast!

Whitburn Beach

Finns Labyrinth
Finns Labyrinth is (you guessed it) a labyrinth made of stones on the clifftops here at Whitburn. It is a little away from the main road so it rarely is a busy place. It is great to tie into a walk along the coast.

Public Toilets in Whitburn

As far as I am aware there are none in Whitburn. Here you are dependent upon places being open in order to use their toilets. Please someone correct me if I am wrong!

Best places to eat/drink in Whitburn

Whitburn is one of the smaller areas along this stretch of coast so there are fewer options here. In the summer they do get quite busy too!


Marsden has a some real staples of the North East here. There isn’t a whole load of places to visit outside of these staples, however you could absolutely add it into a longer day out with other places on this list!

Map of Whitburn

Parking in Marsden

There are two key car parks in Marsden. The first is at Souter Lighthouse as there are a few different parking areas here.
Postcode: SR6 7NQ
It is £4 all day to park (or free if you have a national trust membership!)

The other main car park is Marden Beach Car Park which is right next to Marsden Rock.
Postcode: NE34 7AH

Things to do in Marsden

As I have already mentioned, Marsden has two incredibly significant places in the North East here. Both are worth a visit!

Visit Souter Lighthouse and the Leas
The inside is of course closed right now, however you can still walk around the grounds and the area surrounding it. That is really where the scale of the place is shown. The cafe is open for takeout though so you can grab yourself a coffee while you walk!

Souter Lighthouse

Marsden Rock
Marsden rock is a fantastic rock formation just off the coast here. At low tide you can walk up to it however be careful not to get caught out by the tide!

Marsden Rock

Marsden Clifftops and Beach
Combine both of these things by walking along either the beach or the clifftops for a really great day out!

Public Toilets in Marsden

The only public toilets I am aware of in Marsden ar in the Marsden Grotto Carpark.
Postcode: NE34 7BS

Best places to eat/drink in Marsden

There really aren’t a lot of places in Marsden. Please let me know if there is anywhere you think I should add!

Coffee and cookies from Souter Lighthouse Cafe

South Shields

South Shields is still a prety good example of a traditional seaside resort. Complete with arcades, a fair ground and a Victorian Park. It is a great place to spend a day out!

Map of South Shields

Parking in South Shields

South Shields is still a fairly successful seaside resort and therefore there is plenty parking availible along the seafront.

Trow Quarry Car Park
Postcode: NE33 2JH

Sand Dancer Car Park
Postcode: NE33 3NB

South Promenade North Car Park
Postcode: NE33 2LA

Pier Pavilion Car Park
Address: 2JS, Pier Parade, South Shields

Promenade Car Park
Postcode: NE33 2LA

Little Haven Car Park
Postcode: NE33 1LH

Things to do in South Shields

South Shields Ocean Beach Plessure Park
Due to reopen its outside elements from the 12th April, the plessure park has been a great asset to the area for years. I have so many fond childhood memories of Ocean Beach and I hope that generations to come can share in that!

See also, Zoos, Farms and Theme Parks within a two hour drive of Sunderland

South Shields Beach
The beach here at south shields is ver similar to Seaburn as it also has a long stretch of smooth sand, perfect for sun bathing and relaxing on. Because of how long the beach is, any of the car parks here would be perfect!

South Shields Lighthouse and the Groyne
You can walk along the pier to the lighthouse and also along to the groyne lighthouse. Both are great parts of local culture and worth a walk down too.

Tortoise at the Groyne

South Marine Park
Marine Park is an attraction in itself. It is a real victorian park complete with Bandstand, a mini train that goes around the whole park, boats you can rent on the lake and a great play area. There is also a cafe and public toilets within the park so it really is perfect!

Public Toilets in South Shields

Promenade Car Park
Postcode: NE33 2LA

South Marine Park
Postcode: NE33 2LA

South Shields Ampitheatre
Postcode: NE33 2LD

Best places to eat/drink in South Shields

Most of these are open for takeaway right now, and the rest can open for outdoor seating come Monday 12th.

Ice Cream Sundae from Scoop and Bean

Things to Remember

When visiting these area there are some very important things to remember:

  1. Put your rubbish in the bit, or if the bin is full, take it home with you.
  2. If you have a dog, pick up after it.
  3. Park responsibly. Not in front of someones driveway or on a junction like an idiot.
  4. Remember that people live here, so just be courtious.

Well, thats my guide to our coastline. If you made it to the end than thank you very much for taking the time to read it, I know it was a long post! Please let me know if you think I have missed anything. And as always thank you for your support.

Stay Safe and Happy Adventuring

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