The Good Apple cafe is somewhere I had heard of but never visited or knew much about. However, given that it is World Vegan Month, I thought it would be a great time to try and find more places in Sunderland that offer vegan food. Upon searching for that, the Good Apple came to the top of the list, as it is Sunderland only 100% vegan cafe.

It says on their Facebook page that it first opened in 2013 on Derwent Street as a vegetarian cafe. And if I’m truly honest I thought it still was. However, back in 2020, the cafe took the leap and became completely vegan. Quite frankly, I can’t believe it’s 2021 and the city still only has one fully vegan cafe!

So for those who are still reading this post, you must actually be interested in veganism and want to details of the food, the coffee, the atmosphere and most importantly, is it worth visiting?!

The Food in The Good Apple

The food is absolutely the most important element of a vegan cafe, so it only makes sense to start with that.

The menu was a great size. Not so big that there are too many options and quality slips, but still not so small that you are limited to your options. They have a small brunch menu, and then a much larger lunch menu that overlaps. But they had so many specials on the board that I think anyone (vegan or not) could easily come in here and find something they’d like.

The Good Apple Menu

The menu had a great number of things on that I would like to come back and try so I absolutely will be back soon to sample more of the lunch menu as it was brunch when I visited. So to keep my food simple, I went for a classic avocado toast. And for £4 it really hit the spot! I know of places in the area that charge over £6 for the same thing, and you get less food!!

Overall the prices of the menu items for what you get seem more than reasonable and quite honestly I was shocked at how cheap it was.

Food at the Good Apple

The Coffee in The Good Apple

For anyone who isn’t a barista, working with plant milk is a nightmare. They don’t steam in the same way that cows milk does and it can be so difficult to get it right without over boiling it or under steaming it.

As an average barista myself, I find myself judging the skills of others depending on whether or not they can work with plant milk. And The Good Apple passed the test!

I opted for a coconut milk pumpkin spiced latte. And just look at the silkiness of the top. And they even managed to get a pretty pattern on it! That takes some serious talent to do and I was really impressed with it.

Coffee in the Good Apple

As for the coffee itself, it was a perfect blend between strong and smooth. No bitterness in sight! There were also so many options on the board, not just traditional coffees like lattes and cappuccinos, but funky ones too. Even though this is a vegan restaurant I really felt like they cater for all in here.

The Atmosphere at The Good Apple

The atmosphere is something that people often take for granted in cafes, however, you can always tell when the vibe is off. The Good Apple was one of those places where you walk in and instantly feel at home. The staff were very welcoming and clearly knew what they were talking about.

Coffee and a View

As a vegetarian myself, I often come across people in hospitality who have no idea about vegetarian or vegan food. It can be such a worry that I am going to end up eating something that doesn’t fit into my diet. So when I find someone who knows and cares I really appreciate them! And the Good Apple had that.

The cafe itself isn’t very big. It only had 5 tables including the window bench so it is really cosy and snug feeling. The decor reflected that homely feeling as there were plants everywhere and it really felt like someone’s front room. Overall it was a very inviting experience.

Is the Good Apple worth visiting?

In a word, yes.

Going off value for money, quality of the products, clear expertise in vegan food based upon the size of the menu, and the overall welcoming vibes I got from this place it is absolutely somewhere to visit. Vegan or not, I think the Good Apple is a great asset to the city, and hopefully, they can pave the way for more vegan and vegetarian eateries across the city of Sunderland.

So, if you are wanting to visit, here are the important bits of information.

The Good Apple open Hours:
Closed Sunday – Monday
Tuesday to Friday, 10am – 4pm
Saturday 10:30am – 3:30pm

They are located on Derwent Street in Sunderland City Centre, Postcode: SR1 3NU

The Good Apple

Thank you for reading, I hope you have enjoyed this one. If you know of any more vegan eateries or places with great vegan menus then I would love to hear about them!

Stay Safe and Happy Adventuring.

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