My next adventure is one i’m so ready for! It’s been a few months since the last travels to Italy in the summer so a break is exactly what I need. However, i’m not sure how much relaxation ill be getting on this one as its a pretty none-stop adventure. In the two weeks we are away we will visit 6 countries, 5 of those are the capital city, and allow me to tick off 4 more countries from my European Adventures list.

So where will this adventure take us?
Flying from Edinburgh > Budapest (2 Nights), then getting a bus > Bratislava (2 nights), then another bus > Vienna (3 nights). From here, you guessed it, another bus > Zagreb (2 nights), followed by a bus > Ljubljana (3 nights) and finally the last bus will take us to Venice (2 nights) before we fly back to Edinburgh.

Out of all these places its only Venice that I have previously visited and there was so much we didn’t get to do! Revisiting will allow more time to get the things done that we didn’t get to do. Everywhere else will be entirely new and that fills me with such electric energy. There are places on this adventure that I’ve seen so many photos of and the reality of visiting them bring me such joy.

One place i’m especially excited for is our day trip from Ljubljana to Lake Bled. If you don’t know where this is, please just google it as it looks so peaceful and beautiful. I’m not sure my WordPress account will be able to hold the number of photos that will be added to this blog once i get home! Nonetheless, Lake Bled is one of those places that is always used as a desktop screensaver as it’s so picturesque.

Another aspect that’s getting me excited is the possibility of my favourite weather, SNOW! Travelling to mountainous destinations in November opens up the possibility of such weather. And how incredible will Lake Bled be in the snow? I’m not sure I can contain how excited I am.

Travelling in November is also ideal for us as my partner, who is the one who provides the travel funding in our relationship, hates places that are cramped with tourists. November is that weird time between people travelling for the nice autumn weather and Christmas market season. This makes November an ideal time to travel as there are fewer tourists and you can have much better experiences when travelling.

I will be sharing a fill itinerary of this trip soon, however I was hoping that some of you would have some tips for me? If you have been to any of these places i’d love to hear about your favourite places, where you ate or anything we cannot miss!



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