The rule of six is making a comeback when pubs and restaurants can have outdoor seating areas open again from the 12th April in line with the current guidance. Basically, any six people from up to six households (1 per household in this case) can meet together as long as social distancing is happening between them.

Now don’t get my wrong, I love spending time with Shaun, and there is no one I’d rather spend time with. But we’ve been in lockdown a long time, and he is definitely sick of me (not that I at all blame him)!! So being able to meet mine or his family, or our friends outdoors is going to be the highlight of the next few months! I cannot wait for a pint of crisp cider in the sunshine!

Beer Garden, Sunshine and Cider!

Sunderland is not a big city, and there are only so many restaurants with outdoor seating, outdoors venues and beer gardens that cater for parties of 6. So to try and make it easier for myself (but also the people of Sunderland), I thought I would do the legwork and compile a list of all the places that can offer safe socialising with 5 of your nearest and dearest! All of these places are going to open from the 12th April and I will be staying on top of this list and adding any more places that decide to open!

  1. The STACK
    Although I am pretty sure their booking system had a bit of a meltdown when they went live on the 3rd March, and I think they are fully booked. They will have space for walking although I suspect there will be long queues!
  2. The Palm Sunderland
    Thier booking systems open on the 11th March at 4pm. Hopefully they don’t have the same issues that the STACK had!
  3. Oak Tree Farm
    They have had a load of wooden huts installed outside as well as their outdoor seating. You can book from Friday 26th lunchtime. Keep an eye on their facebook for details on how to do so!
  4. The Promenade
    The Promenade will be open from the 12th April for outdoor seating and their booking systems are live now! Order via facebook messenger.
  5. Grannie Annie’s Pub and Pantry
    Grannie Annies is another place with outdoor seating. They however don’t take bookings so you just have to get there fast!
  6. Chesters Sunderland
    Their outdoor seating area will open from the 12th granted that the roadmad goes to plan! You can book via their website, facebook or contact number: 0191 565 9952 now. Or walkins will be availible!
  7. Port of Call Sunderland
    They dont have a load of tables so they aren’t able to do bookings so it will be walk ins only!
  8. Poetic Licence
    Last year they set up an extention to their outdoor space which means they have even more availibility for you. They are taking bookings over facebook messenger.
  9. The Looking Glass
    Although they haven’t yet confirmed their reopening, they are hoping to be able to be ready to go from the 12th April. Follow their socials to keep up to date
  10. Chaplins Sunderland
    They have a good outdoor seating area which will be open from the 12th April.
  11. The Terrace Sunderland
    I know that they were also having some issues due to being incredibly popular but their outdoor seating area is a really great place to be!
  12. The Stackyard Sunderland
    Another great place that will open their outdoor seating areas from the 12th. They are taking bookings via facebook messenger and a deposit of £15 will be needed upon booking.
  13. The Welcome Tavern
    The Welcome Tavern will be opening from the 18th April with live music on the field next to it. Booking will be required and they will be opening this up soon. Keep and eye on their Facebook page to stay up to date.
  14. The Saltgrass
    They have a lot of outdoor entertainment planned for the coming months so it’s definately worth checking their socials and availibility!
  15. The Kings Arms
    The Kings Arms have been working on their new outdoor area over the last few weeks which will be a great addition to the pub.
  16. The Board Inn, Durham Road
    The Board Inn have made some good improvements to their outdoor space. You can book your table via their website here.
  17. Victoria Gardens
    You can have a look on their socials and see what preocedures they are following but you don’t need to book with them.

That first pint in a beer garden with your mates is going to be the sweetest tasting thing ever!

Stay Safe, and Happy Adventuring!

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