The final day of our time in Vienna. The end of the trilogy. If you’ve made it this far, then I thank you for your support and hope you enjoy this final instalment of the Vienna Adventures.

On our final day in Vienna we spent the morning getting our backpacks sorted for the journey we had the day after. Since we had been in one place for a few days our stuff was everywhere in that room so we desperately needed to, quite literally, get our shit together. Once we were sorted we headed out for our last days adventure.

The plan was to walk to Prater Park which not only is a huge park with a playground and woodland area, it’s home to the national stadium and a theme park. That’s right, a theme park!

This sign shows only the theme park area, so you can imagine how big the whole place is. Prater theme park is one that doesn’t charge an entry fee, but for individual rides/attractions. There are pros and cons to this, as it can be quite expensive having to pay for every ride you want to go on but allows everyone to walk around and enjoy the place.

Our first stop was mini golf. Why you may ask, me and Shaun are “slightly” competitive. So this was a great chance to get one over on the other. Shaun started making excuses straight away as the ground of the holes hasn’t been very well maintained and it was a very windy day. However, for €3.50 each you can’t expect a professional round of golf. At the halfway point I was winning, but only just. In the end I messed up the final hole and Shaun won 85-80. 1-0 to him.

After my epic defeat, we headed into the theme park in search of an adrenaline rush and found it in an unlikely place. A go karting track. There are several located around the park, we just went in the first we saw as it was a small track but it turned out to be the cheapest of them all at €3.50 each. Our competition kicked off again as despite starting behind Shaun, I set off like Lewis Hamilton and took the lead. The track wasn’t huge but it had a great U corner and an S bend which I was absolutely drifting round! It was my first time on a go kart like it and now I’m convinced I could be an F1 driver, it was so fun. And the important thing is that I beat Shaun. 1-1!

We then set off on the hunt for food and found something that intrigued us. A rollercoaster restaurant? Not really understanding the concept we headed on in to find, perhaps, the most amazing restaurant ever. On entry we were given a tablet in which the menu was and we ordered through this. So we ordered our food and waited. The next thing our drinks arrived on little carts from a rollercoaster track. And the conductor of this was none other than a robot! It was insane.

The was the only photo I got however I did take a few videos which I will be uploading to my Instagram page soon. The food wasn’t amazing, but the idea of the restaurant totally overshadowed the food itself.

I ordered fish bits and Shaun, schnitzel fingers (I promise he does eat other things) and we got a fries to share which was good because there were loads. The meal in total with two colas came to about €30 which isn’t too expensive for where we were.

After filling up on lunch we weren’t quite ready for rides and found ourselves in an amusement and gaming room with air hockey, a pool table, racing games and things of that nature. We ended up playing 4 games of various air hockey, one with a curved table and another with fixed batters (I don’t know what the official name is, the thing you use to hit the ball) in a foosball type game. I lost all 4 taking the score up to 5-1 to Shaun. It wasn’t looking good for me.

I tried to regain hope by racing on one of the driving games, with no luck. The final score was 6-1 to Shaun, a monumental victory. Prick.

After the battle, we felt it was time to go on perhaps the signature ride in this theme park, the big swing.

I’m not sure this photo does justice for how high it actually was. You could see beyond Vienna from the top. The view was spectacular. At first I’d regretted not taking my phone up with us to take pictures however it was windy at the top so I was very glad I didn’t. If you are going to this theme park and even if you aren’t into rides, do this one! You won’t regret seeing that view.

We had only intended on staying in the theme park for a little while and then going off to explore the woodland area however, the theme park was so much bigger and a lot more fun than we had expected.

At this point we were at the edge of the theme park, but the start of the actual nature part so we headed out to get some fresh air.

The park was covered in a blanket of autumn leaves with dogs running round and the sound of birds.

It was an incredibly peaceful place and a massive contrast on the busyness of Vienna city centre.

We walked through the park for a good hour before heading back to Vienna for tea. We walked through the beautiful city centre for the last time before we settled upon a restaurant that had something we both would like.

The restaurant was called Il Tempo Bistro. I went with a delicious garlic oil pasta with veggies while shaun had a calzone (Miraculously it’s not schnitzel). Overall the food was very good and the beer was nice and cold.

We ended our night in McDonald’s with McFlurrys and milkshakes but not before catching a glimpse of this little guy.

If you made it through all 3 of my Vienna posts then I cannot thank you enough for your support. I hope you enjoyed reading them and I bet you’re glad that I split them up!

If you’ve been to Vienna please let me know what your favourite things to visit/do/eat were. And remember, there are no kangaroos in Austria!



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