This weekend just gone, my partner and I had the pleasure of visiting York for 2 nights. York is a beautiful place and has been somewhere we visit together regularly for day trips or weekends away (especially at Christmas).

Before going I asked my followers on Instagram to recommend places to eat/ drink while we were there. We ended up with enough recommendations to last us much longer than we were there and didn’t get round to most of them. With everything going on, we decided to pick the ones we could book into (as most were full) and felt safest in to visit. However, I’d hate for those recommendations to go to waste. So I’ve compiled them into a list for you here:

  1. Cut and Craft. For my followers on Instagram, you’ll be sick of me going on about this one! We managed to book a table for Saturday night and the food was absolutely insane. Trust me, If you’re going, you HAVE to visit!

2. Brew and Brownie. We tried to go here for brunch one day, but the queue was crazy long (and it was raining) so we didn’t end up going. However, several different people recommended this one, so add it to your list!

3. The Ivy. This one looked very expensive, but super pretty!

4. Bills Restaurant. This was out back up in case we couldn’t get into Cut and Craft!

5. Evil Eye Bar. This bar had a crazy queue aswell, but heard very good things about it!

6. Valhalla. Apparently the cocktails are worth a visit!

7. Lucia Restaurant. This was fully booked for the time we were there, but it looks amazing!

8. House of the Trembling Madness. We ran out of time to visit this one!

9. Thomas of York. Again, we just ran out of time to try it!

10. Dyls Cafe. We will absolutely visit here next time we are there because it just looked amazing! Its inside the old walls on the bridge of the River Ouse.

Id like to thank all the lovely people who sent me their recommendations. And I hope you find this list helpful!

Happy Adventuring and Stay Safe


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